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Friday, August 2, 2019

How to Fix Android file transfer not working on Mac

You are ready to transfer android files. You have done the installation process of the Android File Transfer app on your Mac operating system. Your phone is already connected with your Mac. At sudden you will see the pop-up message. This pop-up message says “Could not connect to device”. If you are facing this problem and trying to solve your problem instantly then you are at right place. Here you will find the complete solution of Android file transfer Mac alternative. This tutorial will make you able to transfer your android phone data into your Mac system. 
There are several kinds of problems here we will diagnose the issues from both sides. After solving all issues step by step you will be able to solve the problem android file transfer not working on Mac. 

 Solution: Replace USB Cable  & Enable USB Debugging.

  • First of all, you have to check your USB cable and replace it. It’s possible your problem will become solved. If still, you are facing the problem then move to step number 2. 
  • You must use USB data cable for connecting your Android phone to Mac. If your USB cable is not data cable then your problem will never solve. 
  • Now you have to open the setting of Android phone. Go to your android phone setting and turn on USB debugging and choose “Media Device (MTP)” option. 
  • After completing this process your problem will become solved. If still, you are facing the same problem then you have to check your Mac setting. 
android file transfer alternative
USB debugging

Solution: Check Mac Operating System 

  • It’s necessary for transferring file from android to mac, use only MAC x or later and latest Android version. 
  • It is better you restart your mac system. 
  • Again open the File transfer app into your mac system. 

Solution:. Update Android Phone 

  • Sometimes you are not able to perform well because your android phone is not updated. Just update your android phone for performing well. 
  • Now you restart your Android phone and try to connect with Mac. 
Android update
Android File Transfer

How to Resolve Android File Transfer not working Issue with Android Assistant 

If you have done above mention tricks and your problem still not solve. Now, this is the time to use some third party software for resolving this issue. You have checked your USB cable, Android phone, and Mac operating system but still facing the same problem. Follow the below steps for fixing this issue. In this guide, we will use Android Assistant for Mac app. This app is very cool and easy to use for transferring data from android to mac. If you want to take the backup of your data this app provides the facility. With a few clicks, you can take the backup of your data. Follow below steps carefully and fix android file transfer not working on Mac

On your Mac System Download and Install Android Manager 

First of all, you have to download and install the Android Manager for Mac into your mac operating system. Android Manager for mac supported the latest Mac OS not the old version of MAC. After completing the installation process just go next. 

Now open this app into your Mac system. You will find several options but we need only transfer button for solving our problem. When you will open this app following window appear on your screen.
Android file transfer not working
Android Manager

Your PC has a valid connection with Android Phone 

Your USB cable should be ready to connect your Android phone with Mac OS. This app will automatically detect your android phone if your USB cable is working. You will see the following screen if your USB cable, Android phone, and Mac OS has no issue.
android file transfer not working
Android Manager

Data transfer between Android and Mac operating system. 

You have done everything you can transfer data from Android to Mac a Mac to android very easily just click the transfer button. This app allows you to transfer files from both sides. These files can be your music files, videos files, and other documents files. 

There is one another big advantage of this app that is you can take the backup of your precious data for future use. If your data has lost you can restore the backup easily.
android manager
Android Manager