Monday, September 16, 2019

What is the best free texting app for iPhone

There are several apps available on the internet using that users can send and receive a message, picture, and other files. These apps are mostly used when you are using the internet and don’t want to use your call credit and message plans. Using these apps one user can communicate to other user using the same app installed on his mobile. Apart from messages user can make a call and send and receive other documents also. Here we will describe the most popular and free texts apps. These apps will be the most suitable and valuable regarding texting and making calls. 


best free texting app for iphone

It is difficult to select one app from a number of other apps that contain the same functionalities and advantages. Actually, this selection depends on your need and your personal mobile that you are using. If you are an Apple user then iMessage app is very good to communicate with your friends. But when you use iMessage then you can only communicate with your iMessage friends, not with others. If you want in touch a wide range of peoples from different communities then Facebook Messenger is the best option. There are some other alternatives available like FreedomPop, Talktone and Google Voice. These apps are widely used for texting with each other. 

Apps that allow you to send text messages to phone numbers 

Many apps do not allow sending text messages and phone call on your phone number these apps are only used to communicate with each other. Using Google Voice, Talktone and Google Hangouts apps user can easily send text messages on phone number. These apps also allow making phone calls via the internet. Without a standard call and text plan, you can communicate via a combination of Google Voice and Google hangout. This trick works on both Android and IOS platforms. Above mention, two apps give you one free number using that you can call and text to other phone numbers. Apart from Google Voice and Google hangout Talktone and FreedomPop are also used for free text. These two are also free and allow its user to send unlimited text messages every month. FreedomPop supports only two platforms Android and Apple. Talktime support the Android, Apple and Kindle Fire. 

Options for the app to app messaging 

The other option is that you send and receive a text message using the same platform mean both sender and receiver use the same app. These apps allow their user to send messages, videos, and other important documents. Contacts can also be shared using these apps. A most popular app for this purpose is a Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, IMO, and Skype. Apple user and Android user can use the Google Hangout for the same purpose. Google Hangout provides the facility to sync Google contacts. 

Google Hangouts is a well-known texting app that allows both Android and IOS users to communicate with each other. Hangout IOS version provides free call facility as well. If you want to use Hangouts you can access it from your Gmail ID. Get the extension from Gmail and start chatting with each other? iMessage is the best option for Apple user to chat and call with other users. 

The use of these apps is very easy. Messages are sending automatically to another user if iMessage is enabled. When the message will send the user will see the blue background. The drawback is only this it can be used on Apple devices. There are a ton of other reliable option available if you don’t want to use these apps. Most reliable other apps are Viber, WeChat, SnapChat, WhatsApp that all are completely free. 


Communication via the internet with friends and family is going to increase day by day. Users send and receive SMS, call and use other features of these apps. Mobile users prefer to communicate via the internet instead of standard call or text plans. So these internet apps offering different packages and ton of other advantages to make this relationship stronger with their customers.
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