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How to download Facebook videos on Android

How to download Facebook Videos on Android

Before sometime it felt very difficult to download Facebook videos. There were some procedures available using that user has been downloading the videos but rests of the users were not able to download the Facebook videos on phone easily. If you are finding an easy way to download Facebook videos then you are at right place. 
Facebook itself does not allow downloading a Facebook video and there is no other direct procedure available using that user gets the copy of videos. Facebook provides the option “save FB video to android links” using this link user can watch the videos later. But this procedure is not suitable for all users. Majority of the Facebook customers want to download Facebook videos in their local drive for later view.
how to download Facebook videos on Android
How to Download Facebook videos on Android

How to download Facebook videos android

How to download video from Facebook to android. 

Download a video on Facebook is not difficult. The procedure to download Facebook videos to phone is very easy and depend on two steps. First of all, you have to get the URL of the video that you want to download. The second step is main step that is the answer to “how to download Facebook videos on android”. You have to use this link for downloading your Facebook videos. This link is https://catch.tube. The owner of this site has done hard work for you and provide you the facility in an easy way to download Facebook videos. The simple way of downloading videos I will describe you here step by step. Before that, I want to remind you if you have any kind of query regarding downloading the Facebook video you just contact us for resolving the issue. We can provide you the best solution to your problem regarding saving video from Facebook. It will only be possible if you describe your problem with the detail error message. We will check your error and try to provide you the best solution.

How to download videos from Facebook 

Step #1: First of all you have to copy the link of the video. 

This is the first task that you have to perform before downloading Facebook videos on android. Follow the below procedure for copying the video link. 

  1. Open your Facebook app on your android. 
  2.  Now you come to the video that you want to download. 
  3. Click on the upper right corner of that video (three dots) and tap on More setting. 
  4.  Here you will find the copy link option tap on that. 
Step #2: download a video on Facebook 

Once you have done the process of “copy link” procedure, now using this link you have to download the Facebook video. Follow below instruction.

  1. Open your any browser that you use for browsing the internet. 
  2. Type this link https://catch.tube/ and click on go button. 
  3. Wait for opening this link and here you will find the empty box. Paste your copy link in this box and tap on the red button with the title of Catch video. 
  4. This will show you the different format of video select any format that you want. 
  5. It will take a few minutes to download the video as per video length and your internet speed. 
  6. Once the downloading finish, you will see the notification at your status bar. Tap on that and enjoy your downloaded video.
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