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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Telenor Whatsapp Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly In 2022

Telenor Whatsapp Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly In 2022

Whatsapp is a well-known social media platform to connect with lovers. Whatsapp allows text, video, and voice calls, image, and video sharing with each other. Sharing videos and images require MBS. without sufficient internet, data users are not able to connect with each other via Whatsapp. Telenor offers a suitable WhatsApp package plan for its customers. Package plans are available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
telenor whatsapp packages


Telenor Daily Whatsapp Package

  • Without bundle or package, You’ll be charged Rs.1
  • The expiry period of the daily package is 24 hours.
  • 50 MB data is given for daily use.
  • The subscription code of the daily Whatsapp package plan is *311#.
  • Other social platforms are also allowed like Facebook, Twitter with Whatsapp.
  • Telenor Daily WhatsApp
    Telenor Package NameTelenor Daily WhatsApp 
    Free MB70 MB (WhatsApp, Facebook)
    Subscribe *311#
    Validity 1 Day
    ChargesRS: 2.5

    You can use Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp only in 13 rupee. The 50 MBS data is given for one day. Complete detail of the Telenor Whatsapp package plan is below.

    Telenor Daily WhatsApp
    Telenor Package NameTelenor Full Day Offer
    Free MB50 MB Internet + 100 MB WhatsApp + Unlimited Minutes
    Subscribe *5*250#
    Validity 1 Day

    Telenor 3 Days Whatsapp Packages

    1. This package plan is valid for 3 days.
    2. the price of the package is 40 rupees.
    3. The number of given MBS is 50.
    4. The subscription code of 3 days WhatsApp package is *5*3#.
    5. other social platforms Facebook, Twitter along WhatsApp can be enjoyed with 100 MBS.
    6. This package includes 250 off-net and on-net minutes for 3 days.
    7. 250 SMS also provided by Telenor.
    Telenor 3 Day WhatsApp
    Telenor Package NameTelenor 3 Days WhatsApp 
    Free MB50 MB  +100 MB(WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook) +250 On-net minutes, 25 Off-net minutes.
    Subscribe *5*3#
    Validity 3 Days

    Telenor Weekly WhatsApp Package

    1. the price of the package is 90 rupees.
    2. The expiry period is 7 days.
    3. Given MBS in this package is 350.
    4. The activation code is *5*700#.
    5. 70 MB of internet data and 350 MB of social data are given.
    6. 1000 on-net minutes.
    Telenor introduces many package plans along with WhatsApp packages. These package plans consist of different time duration like daily, weekly, and monthly for the ease of users. Telenor package plans are available at affordable prices. Users can select packages as per its requirement. if he wants to use WhatsApp for short time then a daily and 3-day package is the best option. Otherwise weekly and monthly package plans are good for a long duration. after subscription to any package, the user allows to make video or voice calls and also share images and videos with a given MBS range. Following we have arranged the list of Telenor Weekly package plan in detail.

    Telenor Weekly WhatsApp
    Jazz PackageTelenor Haftawar Sahoulat Offer
    Free MB100 MB + 350 MB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter), 1000 On-net Minutes, 70 Off-net Minutes, 700 SMS
    Subscribe *5*7#
    Un-SubscribeAutomatically Unsub After Week
    Validity 7 Days


    1. The WhatsApp package does not allow location sharing. in the case of sharing a location, you will charge a standard price. Telenor WhatsApp package plan allows voice, video, image, and text.
    2. in case of low balance, the package will never activate again. The Free WhatsApp package of Telenor requires some balance in your Telenor SIM anyhow it is 1 paisa.
    3. The Free WhatsApp package will expire automatically if you change the package.

    Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Packages

    1. the price of the package is 40 rupees.
    2. A package will expire after 30 days.
    3. Telenor allows 300 MB of data for one month package.
    4. The subscription code is *911#.
    5. Another 300 MBS for social media and 10000 SMS are included in the package.
    Telenor does not offer a WhatsApp package for a month exclusively. However, in Messaging bundle, you get 300 free MB for WhatsApp and Facebook along with 10,000 messages. To see the activation details, see the details below.
    Telenor WhatsApp Monthly Social Pack Plus is suitable for those who want a social package for one month along with SMS data. Telenor Monthly Social Pack Plus contains the following features.
    1. 500 MB Social Pack + 10000 SMS
    2. Activation Code is *6000*
    3. Duration 30 days 
    4. Price 75 rupees.
    Telenor Monthly WhatsApp
    Package NameTelenor Monthly WhatsApp  
    Free MB1500 MB (WhatsApp)
    Subscribe *247#
    Validity 30 Days
    Telenor Monthly Messaging
    Package NameTelenor Monthly Messaging Bundle 
    Free MB3000 MB (WhatsApp, Facebook), 100 MB Internet Data +10000 SMS
    Subscribe *2*2*3
    Un-SubscribeAutomatically Unsubscribe after Month
    Validity 30 Days
    Telenor Monthly Social Pack
    Package NameTelenor Monthly Social Pack 
    Free MB100 MB Free Internet + 2.5 GB  (Facebook + WhatsApp)
    Subscribe *911#
    Status CodeAutomatically Unsub After 1 Month
    Validity 30 Days
    Telenor Monthly Social Pack 
    Package NameTelenor Monthly Social Pack Plus 
    Free MB6 GB  (Facebook + WhatsApp + Twitter)
    Subscribe *660#
    Status CodeAutomatically Unsub After 1 Month
    Validity 30 Days

    Telenor Postpaid WhatsApp Package

    1. The price of the package is 100 rupees.
    2. The time duration of the package is 30 days.
    3. Unlimited WhatsApp can be used for 30 days.
    4. The subscription code of the package is *345*486#.

    There is only one package plan for WhatsApp in the postpaid package plans list. This package plan is not appropriate for WhatsApp users other social platforms can also be used with this package. The name of this package is a postpaid Social Bundle with unlimited internet data.
    Telenor Postpaid WhatsApp
    Package NameTelenor Postpaid WhatsApp  
    Free MBUnlimited MB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter)
    Subscribe *345*486#
    Validity 30 Days
    Terms and condition will apply for all prepaid and postpaid customers


    Q: What is the code of the Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Package?
    Ans: Telenor Monthly package can be subscribed by dialing *660#. Other monthly Telenor WhatsApp packages are described above. 

    Q: is WhatsApp free on Telenor?
    Ans: Telenor is offering a number of free package plans including WhatsApp but there is some limitation that can be read above. 

    Q: WhatsApp monthly pkg?
    Ans: The code of monthly whatsapp pkg is *247#. Telenor Monthly Whatsapp Package plans are described above with detail.