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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The Best Programs for Removing a Photo's Background on Your Phone

 Over the past couple of decades, our relationship with digital photography has changed significantly. Photoshop went from the name of a program to the term associated with all forms of digital editing. The demand for those capable of editing photos grows higher every year, and the field itself can offer great pay.

What's the one thing that both professional and amateur photo editors struggle with? Well, most stock photos don't come pre-green-screened. That is to say, they have to remove the background of the image.

If you edit pictures on your phone, what tools can you use to remove a photo background? Here's what you need to know.

Canva: With Pro, You Can Erase a Photo Background

Canva is a fairly recent tool in the editing market. The online program burst onto the scene in 2012. Due to its ease of use and exceptional access to stock photos, it gained popularity with marketers, social media managers, content creators, and much more.

It comes with the option to erase a photo background. However, that function is only available if you purchase a Canva Pro account.

If you decide to go this route, you will also receive full access to all premium stock photo and clip art images the program offers. All this, for a bit less than a Netflix subscription. That's one of the best professional development tools anyone could ask for!

Apowersoft Background Eraser: A Feature-Rich Freemium Program

Apowersoft is one of the most popular online freemium tools for removing backgrounds. This tool can automatically detect the background and subject with incredible accuracy. Apowersoft Background Eraser has an exceptional ability to detect fine edges like hair.

This makes it easy for you to carve out the subject of a photo without having to manually place each node of a mask or cutting tool in place. No more using an AI cutout function and losing half the picture in the process!

That translates into hours saved on your final editing projects. Yet, while this program seems free on the surface, it does have fees for use after a certain amount of photos.

Adobe: The Original Maker Offers Removal Tools

Naturally, as the company behind Photoshop, Adobe offers a suite of removal tools. While Photoshop and Photoshop Express offer background removal and a host of other tools for photography editing, these tools tend to fall under premium subscriptions, the same as Canva.

However, seeing as this is a popular tool, Adobe has decided to make an online background remover available for free through their website. Why use the rest when you can pull from the best?

Looking for More Information About Photo Editing Tools?

Removing a photo background is but one step of the photo editing process, though it's often the biggest hurdle for novices. There's so much more you can learn about this transferable skill.

If you'd like to learn about more tools for your photography passion, then check out the Mobile Solution section of our blog. We update each day with more interesting Android-based articles like this one.