Telenor Call Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly In 2020

Telenor Call Packages Daily, Weekly, and Monthly In 2020

Attractive Call Packages by Telenor to its customers not less to any gift. Telenor offers affordable packages that start from rupees 5. the complete series of package allow users to select the package that meat their requirement. each package in each category contains a different number of calling minutes. Telenor Dujice prime time offer is the lowest price voice package of Telenor. Unlimited Calls can be availed for one day just in 5 rupees. There is one another user-friendly package with the name of Telenor Good time offer. This offer contains 10,000 Telenor to Telenor minutes with 200 MB internet data. its price is 7 rupees only.  Telenor Din Bhar Package provides unlimited free on-net minutes with 20 MB of internet data for one day. 

Telenor Call Packages

Telenor call packages contain the list of valued package plans like Telenor Dujice Karachi offer, Telenor 50 Minute Bundle, Telenor mini-budget package, Telenor full-day packages. All Telenor call packages are listed below with a detail button. Scroll down the package list and click on the detail button for complete information.

Telenor Call Package 1 Day

Package Name
Telenor Djuice Prime Time Offer
Rs 5
Telenor Good Time Offer
Rs 7
Telenor Din Bhar Package
Rs 8
Telenor Din Bhar Offer
Rs 10
Telenor Djuice Karachi Offer
Rs 10
Telenor Djuice 50 Minute Bundle
Rs 10
Telenor Djuice Daily Three ka scene Offer
Rs 13
Telenor 50 Minutes Mini Budget Package
Rs 15
Telenor Full Day Package
Rs 15.50
Telenor Lagatar Calls Offer
Rs 15.50
Telenor 24 Hour Pora Pakistan Offer
Rs 16.73
Telenor 100 minutes Mini Budget Package
Rs 18

Telenor Weekly Call Package

Telenor has designed weekly call packages along with daily and monthly call packages. Each package on a weekly list contains a different number of calling minutes. The expiry period of weekly plans is 7 days. Telenor Djuice minutes bundle contains 700 SMS and 12 Telenor to Telenor minutes. the price of this package is 11.95 rupees. Price of each package change any time when Telenor needs to update their package plan rate. a most favourable and affordable package plan for the week is Telenor Chapar Phar Package. 2000 Telenor to Telenor minutes and 70 MB internet Data can be availed. the price of this package is 86 rupee. If we talk about Telenor weekly internet all in one plus offer then we can get 1500 on net Telenor minutes with 3.5 GB internet data for one week. Some packages are designed for multi-purpose like Telenor Haftawar Sahoulat Package that contains 1000 Telenor to Telenor calling minutes, 70 off-net minutes, and 700 SMS that can be used on any network. This package contains 1GB of internet data. A complete list of all Telenor Weekly Call Package with a detail button is available below. 

Package Name
Telenor Djuice SMS Minutes Bundle 
Rs 11.95
Telenor Dujuice SMS Voice Bundle
Rs 11.95
Telenor 7 Day Mini Budget Package
Rs 86
Telenor Haftawar Chapar Phar Package
Rs 90
Telenor Haftawar Saholat Package
Rs 113.53
Telenor Easy Card Weekly Package
Rs 150
Telenor Djuice Weekly Internet All in One Plus Offer Free Balance 50
Rs 190

Telenor Monthly Call Package

Package Name
Telenor Sim Lagao Offer
Rs 0
Telenor Djuice Monthly Messaging Bundle
Rs 47.80
Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Package
Rs 418
Telenor Easy Card
Rs 450
Telenor Easy Card Plus Package
Rs 800

Telenor Other Call Package

Package Name
Telenor 3 Day Din Bhar Package
Rs 24.50
Telenor Djuice 3 Day 3 ka scene Offer
Rs 34
Telenor 3 Day Super Hit Offer
Rs 34
Telenor 3 Days All in one Offer
Rs 35.85
Telenor Djuice 3 Day Onnet Offer
Rs 36
Telenor 3 Day Voice Offer
Rs 36
Telenor Super 3 Package
Rs 40
Telenor 3 Day (3/3) Mini Budget Package
Rs 50
Telenor 3 Din Sahoulat Package
Rs 52

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