Telenor SMS Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly In 2020

Telenor SMS Packages Daily, Weekly, and Monthly In 2020

Telenor offers affordable prices to its users. "Telenor Djuice Daily Messaging Bundle" provides 300 SMS for all networks only in 2 rupees. Telenor deals with two types of user registered categories with the name of Djuice and TalkShawk. Above mentioned package is only for Djuice users. TalkShawk users can get Telenor Daily SMS Package for 4.75 rupees. This package contains 240 SMS that are valid for all networks. Text lover finds package plans in low budget, Telenor offers many low budget SMS package plans in three different categories. These categories are Telenor Daily SMS Package, Telenor Weekly SMS Package, and Telenor Monthly Internet Packages. 

Telenor SMS Packages

Each category contains a complete list of SMS package plans with different price and number of SMS. Given SMS can be used for any network There is no network restriction for sending SMS. Following is the list of all Telenor SMS Packages plans with a detail button. Click on any package detail button and get complete information about your desired package. 

Telenor Daily SMS Packages

Package Name
Telenor SuperLoad Offer
Rs 0.80
Telenor Daily SMS Package
Rs 4.78
Telenor Djuice Karachi Offer
Rs 10
Telenor Djuice Daily three ka Scene Offer
Rs 13
Telenor Djuice 50 Minutes Mini Budget Package
Rs 15
Telenor 100 minutes Mini Budget Package
Rs 18

Telenor Weekly SMS Packages

Package Name
Telenor 5 Day SMS Package
Rs 8.5
Telenor Djuice Weekly Messaging Bundle
Rs 10
Telenor Djuice SMS Minute Bundle
Rs 11.95
Telenor Djuice SMS Voice Bundle
Rs 11.95
Telenor Weekly SMS Package
Rs 15.50
Telenor Sahoulat Mini Package
Rs 75
Telenor 7 Day Mini Budget Package
Rs 86
Telenor Haftawar Sahoulat Package
Rs 115
Telenor Weekly Easy Card Weekly
Rs 130
Telenor Mega Weekly Easy Card
Rs 222

Telenor Monthly SMS Packages

Package Name
Telenor Monthly SMS Package
Rs 47.80
Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Package
Rs 418
Telenor Monthly Easy Card 450
Rs 450
Telenor Monthly Easy Card 600
Rs 530
Telenor Monthly Easy Card 800
Rs 800

Telenor Other SMS Packages

Package Name
Telenor 15 Days SMS Package
Rs 17
Telenor 15 Days Economy SMS Bundle
Rs 17
Telenor Djuice 3 Day 3 Ka Scene Offer
Rs 34
Telenor Djuice 15 DaysMessaging Bundle
Rs 35
Telenor 3 Days All in One Offer
Rs 35.85
Telenor Djuice 3 Day Onnet Offer
Rs 36
Telenor Super 3 Package
Rs 40
Telenor 3 day (3/3) Mini Budget Package
Rs 50
Telenor 3 Din Sahoulat Package
Rs 52
Telenor Monthly Social Pack
Rs 75
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