Ufone Call Packages

Ufone Daily Call Package

Ufone is the only telecom company which is owned by Pakistan just like PTCL. This company was started its operation with the help of PTCL in 2001. This is a big telecom company and providing the best service to its valued customers. After a few years, PTCL becomes private and not more part of Pakistan officials. PTCL was owned by Escalate in 2006 as well as Ufone also become the part of Etisalat. Ufone contains a wide range covering the area and has 24 million subscribers in Pakistan. 

Ufone Call Packages

Now we discuss the calling package of Ufone. Ufone is offering comfort package plans with a low budget that attracts subscribers very easily. All package plane local or international has low rates as compared to its competitor's companies. There are several Ufone Daily Call Packages that we can select with our own desire. The daily call package expires after one day automatically and reactivates after midnight if the user has sufficient balance. Auto-activation helps the users to avoid daily activation. There is one very big advantage of Ufone services, Ufone allows us to make calls on PTCL and Vfone for free. A most useful and preferable daily package is the Super 5 offer that allows making unlimited calls on all Ufone numbers as well as PTCL and Vfone. This package is valid from 5AM to 5PM. If users need MBS for the internet along with calling minutes then Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer is the best package. This package offers unlimited calls on Ufone, PTCL and Vfone also Unlimited MBS. Some call package is also offering free SMS. The following are the Ufone Daily Call Package with full detail.
Package Name
Ufone 3 pe 3 Package
Rs 6
Ufone Power Hour
Rs 7.17
Ufone 24 Ghnntay Package
Rs 8.99
Ufone Bayhesab Offer
Rs 14.5
Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer
Rs 18

Ufone Weekly Call Package

There is much reason that makes Ufone separate from other telecom companies. Users admire the services of Ufone due to its good relationship with customers. Ufone offers a stunning package and provides the full detail of all plans without any hidden charges. Ufone has built trust and reputation due to implementing valued services and new technologies. Ufone is going to build a valued profile day by day by its value-added services. Ufone cares for each user and tries to provide services that fulfill every single user. Ufone contains a list of Weekly Call Packages that provide enough calling minutes for one full week. These calling minutes can be used at any time during the week without any time restriction. Weekly call package is the need of those users who always connect with their businesses and loved one and Ufone weekly call package is the best option to complete their desire. Weekly Pakistan Offer and Power Package are most preferable packages. Weekly Pakistan Offer allows to its users to make unlimited calls entire week plus 100 MB internet also given. Power Pack offer gives 100 Ufone to Ufone minutes, 100 SMS and 100 MB internet for browsing the internet.following are the list of Ufone Weekly Call Package.

Package Name
Ufone Asli Chapar Phar Offer
Rs 120
Ufone Weekly Pakistan Offer
Rs 100
Ufone Super Minute Package
Rs 130

Ufone Monthly Call Package

Ufone brings a new and affordable monthly package plans for its users. A most frequent offer is Ufone monthly Pakistan package. This offer gives to its valued customers 4000 Ufone to Ufone minutes. These calling minutes are also valid for PTCL and Vfone. 400 MB will also be given on the subscription of this package. Duration of this package is one month. This offer can be avail only in 418 rupees plus tax. If you don’t want to scroll all packages and select anyone that you want then Ufone super card is the best option for you. Just buy Ufone Super card from a retailer and enjoy its services. Super Card allows 1200 On-net minutes, 180 other network calling minutes, 4200 SMS valid for all network and 1500 Mb for browsing the internet. Duration is one month and the price is 599 rupee plus tax. Ufone super card contains one more variation that provides 1000 calling minutes valid for Ufone, PTCL and Vfone. This package is also offering150 other network minute that can be used on any network in Pakistan. 4000 free SMS also valid on all network and 1200 MB internet volume. If you are not using your SIM a long time then you can also avail free calling minutes and other free advantages. 3000 calling minutes for on-net will be given. 3000 SMS and 3000 MBS will also be given. Following are the complete list of Ufone Monthly Call package with full detail.

Package Name
Ufone Sim Lago Offer
Rs 0
Ufone Navi Sim Offer
Rs 50
Ufone Monthly Pakistan Package
Rs 418
Ufone Super Card 520 per Month
Rs 570
Ufone Super Card Plus
Rs 599

Ufone Package

We can categories each telecom company on the basis of its services. If we talk about Ufone then users suddenly consider these packages are designed for youth and young peoples. Overall all packages focus on each range of customers. Each package contains different advantages that attract different customers, not all customers. Ufone super recharge package allows 300 on-net minutes that valid on Ufone, PTCL, and Vfone. 10 other network minutes.700 SMS will also be given and 100 MB volume. The validity of this package is only 2 days. And the price of this package is 45 rupees plus tax. Ufone Super Mini Card offers 600 MBs for internet 3500 SMS that are enough for 15 days. This package gives you 75 other network minutes and 500 calling minutes valid for the Ufone network, PTCL, and Vfone. Following is the list of the Ufone Package in detail.
Package Name
Ufone Super Recharge Package
Rs 50
Ufone Super Mini Card
Rs 330
Ufone call packages contain a wide range, each package has different calling times and price. Apart from packages, there are some offers that can be avail just recharging your balance or using cards. The price of these packages and offers are different. Each package is differed by price and duration. There are some common features of each package like on-net minutes, off-net minutes SMS an MBS. Each call package contains free SMS and internet data. Ufone one day offers to provide unlimited Ufone to Ufone calling minutes like Behisab Offer. There is also some other one-day package like Ufone 24 ghantay package that gives 86400 calling minutes to its users as well as users can make a free call on PTCL and Vfone with this package. The price of this package is 8.99 rupees plus tax. There are also weekly calling package that provides enough calling minutes for one full week. Ufone Asli Chappar Phar is a weekly calling package that provides 1 GB of internet data, 100 calling minutes valid for Ufone to Ufone and 100 free SMS. This package can be available only in 80 rupees. If the user wants to avail all advantages then Ufone Super recharge package is the best option also Ufone Super Card and Ufone Mini Card and Ufone Super card plus are the examples of weekly packages.