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Ufone Internet Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly In 2023

Ufone Internet Packages Daily, Weekly, and Monthly In 2023

Ufone is a vast telecom company that provides several packages. A user can select any internet package just by dialing *3#. Ufone Internet packages are available on 2G,3G, and 4G networks with affordable prices that can be activated very easily. There are many 3G daily internet packages available on the list of 3G internet package plans
Ufone is a vast and trustable company but still, this company did not move to the 4G network. Customers are still waiting for new advancements. Ufone Daily Internet Packages are designed to provide social bundles free like Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social applications to provide valued services to its respected customers. In Case there is no free social- bundle given then extra usage of MBs will be charged at standard rates. 
If we discuss the daily bucket, Ufone's daily internet package provides 40MBs of internet data for only 10 rupees plus tax. The duration of this package is one day. After one day this package will expire automatically. If customers desire to activate this offer, just dial *804# and avail of the services of this package. If you no more need this package just send unsub to "8804" and leave this Ufone internet packages

Ufone Internet Packages Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

If customers need extra MBS to fulfill their daily social requirements then Daily Heavy Bucket is suitable and the best choice for them. This package contains 75 MBs of internet data for only 15 rupees per day. The activation code of this bucket is *8042#. Following is the Ufone One Day Internet Package plan in full detail.

Ufone One-Day Internet Packages

Ufone is offering several daily internet packages for its customers. Popular internet package plans include Daily Light, Daily Heavy, Daily Mega, etc. A Daily internet plan like the "Special Daily Internet package" contains 500 MB of social data along with 50 MB of other data. The price of the package is 6 rupees. The activation code is *3461#. For the ease of users, we have arranged a list of daily internet package plans below. Visit all packages and select the desired package for a subscription. 

Package Name
Ufone Daily Whatsapp Offer
Rs 1.5
Ufone Daily Chat Package
Rs 6
Ufone Social Daily Package
Rs 7
Ufone Best Morning Offer
Rs 7
Ufone Special Daily 3G Package
Rs 8
Ufone Streaming Offer (One Hour)
Rs 12
Ufone Daily Off Peak Plus
Rs 13
Ufone Daily Light 3G 4G package
Rs 14
Ufone BestDay Offer
Rs 16
Ufone Mega Internet
Rs 20
Ufone Daily Heavy 3G Package
Rs 20
Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer
Rs 21
Ufone Power Card RS 30
Rs 30

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

Ufone, known for its extensive coverage and affordable data rates, offers a diverse range of enticing monthly internet packages to suit every customer's data needs. The selection includes exciting bundles like "Monthly Light," "Social Monthly," "Super Internet Plus," "Monthly Heavy," and "Monthly Max," providing options for everyone.

In the "Monthly Light" package, users enjoy 2 GB of data for Facebook, Twitter, Line, and WhatsApp, along with an additional 1 GB for other browsing activities, all valid for 30 days. To activate this fantastic deal, simply recharge with Rs.390 and dial *7807# or access the Ufone mobile app.

For social media enthusiasts, "Social Monthly" offers 1 GB of data for Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp at just Rs.60 for the entire month. To subscribe, dial *5858# on your mobile phone, and the remaining resources can be checked via *706# or the official Ufone mobile app.

The enticing "Super Internet Plus" deal delivers 5 GB of WhatsApp data and 8 GB for other activities at only Rs.499 for 30 days. To subscribe, dial *290# or visit the Ufone website or mobile app. Usage details can be easily accessed through *706#.

Users with heavy internet needs can opt for the "Monthly Heavy" bundle, which provides 2 GB of data for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Line, along with an additional 3 GB for other usage, all for just Rs.780. Activate this offer through the Ufone mobile app or by dialing *803#.

For those seeking ample data, the "Monthly Max" package offers 2 GB for social media (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Line) and an impressive 10 GB for other activities throughout the month. Top up your mobile account with Rs.1560 and dial *5100# to activate. Alternatively, use the Ufone website or mobile app.

Ufone also offers convenient monthly Super Cards, eliminating any inconvenience for customers. The Super Card options are priced at Rs.570, Rs.599, and Rs.999.

In the Rs.570 Super Card, customers get 150 off-net minutes, 1000 Ufone & PTCL minutes, 4000 SMS, and 1200 MBs of internet for 30 days. The Rs.599 Super Card includes 180 minutes, unlimited Ufone & PTCL minutes, 4200 SMS, 2000 MB data, and unlimited Facebook for a whole month. The Rs.999 Super Card offers 300 off-net minutes, 5 GB data + unlimited Facebook, unlimited Ufone & PTCL minutes, and unlimited SMS throughout the month. Ufone users can easily obtain these Super Cards from nearby retailers.

With Ufone's diverse array of monthly internet packages and convenient Super Cards, staying connected has never been easier!

Ufone Internet Packages Weekly Code

Ufone contains one small bucket offer with the name "Weekly light bucket" that gives you 250 Mbs of internet data for one week. The price is very low, just 50 rupees plus tax. *7811# is the dialing code to subscribe to this offer. Ufone internet packages also provide one heavy bundle that gives you 500 Mbs with a one-week duration. Following is the Ufone Weekly Internet Packages list with full detail and activation codes.

Package Name
Ufone Nayi SIM Offer
Rs 0
Ufone Tik Tok Offer
Rs 70
Ufone Weekly SnackVideo Offer
Rs 70
Ufone Internet Max Offer
Rs 90
Ufone Best Weekly Offer
Rs 130
Ufone YouTube Offer
Rs 120
Ufone Weekly Pakistan offers
Rs 115
Ufone Asli Chapar Phar Offer
Rs 140
Ufone Super Internet
Rs 160
Ufone Weekly Internet Plus
Rs 220
Ufone Weekly Heavy Internet
Rs 250
Ufone Power Card RS 260
Rs 250
Ufone Sub Se Bari Offer
Rs 320
Ufone Sub Se Bari Offer Plus
Rs 350

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

Ufone has several Ufone internet package that helps the customers to select one package from the list of packages that meet all requirements. Ufone internet packages contain 3G services that are very fast and provide a result without any pause. Ufone always tries to provide a variety of services to build the interest of the customers. 
Ufone sees the competitors as well as customers and brings services and packages that customers always admire that help to stay connected with Ufone. Ufone 3G mobile internet package is the best internet browsing solution. Ufone provides the full details of all packages there are no hidden charges or extra payment strategies. All 3G internet packages are according to the current situation and Ufone keeps continuing to change these packages to make them more perfect and suitable for the users. Here we discuss some of our favorite packages. 

Ufone Internet Packages Monthly

Ufone internet package is offering a monthly 1 GB Bucket that contains 1024 MBS with a one-month duration. This package can be available only for 250 rupees plus tax. Like this package, there is another package that is a 3 GB Bucket offer. This offer is providing 3072 MBs and the duration of these MBS is one month. The price is 500 Rs. Following are the detailed Ufone Monthly Internet Packages just follow the complete list.

Package Name
Ufone Sim Lago Offer
Rs 0
Ufone Monthly WhatsApp Offer
Rs 60
Ufone Social Monthly Package
Rs 75
Ufone Monthly Facebook Offer
Rs 100
Ufone Monthly Light Cashback Offer
Rs 250
Ufone Monthly Light
Rs 395
Ufone Monthly Pakistan Package
Rs 460
Ufone Super Internet Plus
Rs 549

Ufone Super Card Plus 
Rs 720
Ufone Monthly Heavy Internet
Rs 730
Ufone Super Card Max
Rs 749
Ufone Super Card Gold
Rs 1099
Ufone Monthly 10GB 3G Package
Rs 1560
Ufone UFamily
Rs 1999

Ufone Internet Packages

The Ufone network is covering all over Pakistan. Its services are available in all terrible areas and cover the maximum highways of Pakistan. International roaming is available in up to 160 countries. Ufone is considered the number one GPRS company in Pakistan and providing its services for the previous number of years. The concept of 3G, and 4G services bring a big change. 
Ufone net packages contain 3G services that are further divided into Daily, Weekly, and monthly duration. Ufone provides a free social bundle to its users. These free social bundles offer to use Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter free. 
Ufone's slogan is “Tum Hi To Ho”. It means Ufone always cares for its customers and brings packages with affordable prices and continues to keep changes in these packages to bring more ease for the customers. Ufone doesn’t bore its valued customers, solves their issues in a short time, and follows them continuously. Ufone is not still able to launch 4G services. Another telecom company has launched 4G services and providing 4G packages to their users. Soon possible Ufone will also launch 4G and bring new 4G package plans for its valued customers. The following are the Ufone Internet Packages.
Package Name
Ufone Free Facebook
Rs 0
Ufone Navi SIM Double Offer
Rs 0
Ufone Power Hour
Rs 8.2
Ufone 3Day 3G Package
Rs 30
Ufone Super Recharge Offer
Rs 70
Ufone Super Mini Card
Rs 349

ufone internet packages

Ufone package plans are affordable and simple to use. Users can select a package that is the best fit for them and complete their daily, weekly, and monthly requirements. Sometimes users need extra internet data so Ufone is offering monthly package plans. 
Ufone price starts from 5 rupees to 1000 rupees. And the internet volume that the Ufone offer is a maximum of 10 GB. Ufone also introduces some Card that contains different advantage and is easy to use. Just buy these Cards from a retailer and enjoy the advantage of these Cards. The name of these cards is Ufone Mini Card, Ufone Super Card, and Ufone Super Card Plus. 
Apart from all other package plans, Ufone is also offering a 3-day 3G package for the usage of short time duration. Short-time users can get the advantage of these 3 days' duration packages. The price and internet volume are also suitable, 100 MBS can be availed only 25 rupees plus tax. Ufone covers each community of the user like the user wants to avail of internet services for one day then Ufone daily internet packages are the best fit for him. If the user wants some extra MBs for a couple of days then Ufone weekly internet packages are the best option for those users. Monthly Internet Packages are suitable for businessmen and internet lovers, they can use non-stop internet for a full month without the expiry tension of the package.

Ufone Internet Packages Whatsapp

Ufone is offering social media packages especially WhatsApp package plans. These package plans are the best fit for those who want to connect with social love. The Ufone Whatsapp package is available in daily, weekly, and monthly subscriptions. if you want a Ufone WhatsApp package plan scroll up and visit your desired package.

Ufone Internet Packages 3 Days

3 Day Internet package by Ufone contains half a GB of internet data for browsing. The price of the 3-day package is 25 rupees plus tax. The activation code is *3350#. Users can activate it if the given data suits their requirements. 

Ufone Internet Packages Daily 24 hours

A complete list of package plans for that expiry is 24 hours listed above. Just visit the page and find all package plans offered by Ufone. 

Ufone Nayi SIM Double Offer

Ufone Nayi SIM Double Offer
Packages NameNayi SIM Offer 
Free MBS10GB + 7GB Facebook
SMS 10000
Free Minutes8000 On-net Minutes
Validity 15 Days


Q: What is the best internet package for the Ufone?
Ans: UfoneDaily Internet Package plans are the best for one day. These plans contain enough MBS with a day subscription at affordable prices.

Q: How can I get Ufone WeeklyInternet Package?
Ans: Ufone has a series of weekly package plans. Weekly Light Bucket can be subscribed to only for 50 rupees. The validity period for this plan is 7 days. Other weekly internet package plans can be checked above.

Q: How Can I get free MB on Ufone?
Ans: Free MBS can be availed by dialing *987#. you will get 5GB of Internet Data for browsing.

Q: How can I subscribe to Ufone 10GB?
Ans: Ufone Monthly 10GB package can be subscribed to by dialing *5100#. The price of this package is 1000 RS. The latest package can be checked with all plans on the above list. 

Q: What is the cost of 1GB of internet data in Pakistan?
Ans: The average cost of 1GB of internet data in Pakistan is 278 rupees. But this is an estimated value and changes from time to time.   

Q: How to Activate Ufone Super Internet?
Ans: Ufone Super Internet can be activated by dialing *290#. Ufone Super Internet contains 13GB of internet data + 5GB Whatsapp.

Q: How can I use free Whatsapp on Ufone?
Ans: Free Whatsapp is offered by Ufone all over Pakistan. The free Whatsapp Code is *987#

Q: Is Whatsapp free on Ufone?
Ans: Yes Ufone is offering free Whatsapp that can be used by dialing code *987#. The limit of this subscription is one month of 2GB.