Zong SMS Package complete Daily,weekly,monthly In 2020


Zong is a big telecom company which is providing its telecom services in Pakistan. There are four other big telecom companies that are providing their services in Pakistan. Zong is a well-known company due to its 4G services as compare to other companies. Other companies still providing 2G and 3G services. Zong 4g network is very strong because China's mobile has a relation with Zong. China mobile giving focuses on Zong and providing them all possible assistance. China mobile has spent 2.5 billion dollars for the growth of Zong company in Pakistan. Zong company is the no 1 telecom company in Pakistan with the help of china mobile. Zong is providing different packages like Zong call packages, Zong SMS packages, and Zong internet packages. Some packages are well known due to the low price and best service. If we talk about daily package then Zong full gup package and Zong perfect package are well known for daily call package. Zong also has affordable SMS and internet package with full speed. find all daily package below as per your choice.

Zong Daily SMS Package

Zong Daily SMS Package is offering a number of packages for its customers and specially design for social lovers because these SMS bundles mostly contain the social bundles. Zong Daily SMS Package are affordable for all community of the peoples. One Combo package is a joint of WhatsApp and Facebook. A user can use the SMS Bundles as well as Social MBS for WhatsApp and Facebook. SMS and free MBS are enough for one day use. The following are the Zong Daily SMS Package detail and codes.
Package Name
Zong Zulu SMS Bundle
Rs 3
Zong Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle
Rs 3.99
Zong Full Gup Package
Rs 5
Zong Flutter Package
Rs 12
Zong Sixer Plus Package
Rs 8
Zong Hello 1 Din
Rs 12
Zong Shandar Daily Package
Rs 12
Zong Perfect Package
Rs 12

Zong Weekly SMS Package

Zong Weekly SMS Package offers many weekly packages for its subscribers. Weekly SMS Packages for those users who are SMS lovers and want to connect with their friends and family members. There are hundreds of SMS available in these bundles that fulfill the weekly SMS requirement of the users. Zong Weekly SMS Package is stunning and attractive. following is the detail of all Zong Weekly SMS Package with full detail.

Package Name
Zong Weekly SMS Bundle
Rs 17
Zong Shandar Weekly Package
Rs 120
Zong All in One Bundle (Weekly)
Rs 150
Zong Haftawar Load Offer
Rs 180

Zong Monthly SMS Package

Zong SMS Pkg provides unlimited SMS Bundles. Some subscribers are SMS lovers they use SMS to continue sly to connect with their loved ones. Monthly SMS Packages are low in price as compare to Zong Daily SMS Package, Zong Weekly SMS Package, and can subscribe without any hurdle. User SMS lovers should subscribe to Monthly SMS Package. After getting this package user will be tension free for one full month. The following are the Zong Monthly SMS Package with full description and activation codes.

Package Name
Zong Monthly SMS + WhatsApp Bundle
Rs 50
Zong Shandar Monthly Package
Rs 300
Zong All in One Bundle
Rs 385
Zong Monthly Powe Pack 500
Rs 500
Zong Super Card
Rs 500
Zong Supreme Package
Rs 615.12
Zong Monthly Powe Pack 1000
Rs 1000
Zong Supreme Plus Package
Rs 1155

Zong Other SMS Package

Zong 3 Month Bundle is specially designed for a businessman who uses SMS bundles for promoting their business products. They always need SMS to connect with their customers. Zong SMS Package provides some other benefits to its users who subscribe to 3 Month SMS Bundle. The following are the Zong SMs Pkg.
Package Name
Zong 3 Month Power Pack 1500
Rs 1500


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