Sunday, April 21, 2019

SMS Backup And Restore: Useful Way to backup and restore Android and Iphone text Messages


SMS or text messages are very important for us and we don’t want to lose on any cost. There are some reasons behind to lose our SMS like when we buy a new phone or when we restore factory setting our old phone. Here we will describe the SMS Backup and restore procedure that helps to retrieve text messages from iPhone and Android. We will cover both iPhone and Android mobiles with several effective examples also SMS backup software that helps to message backup.

Procedure 1: How to use SMS Backup & Restore app on Android 

Using app we can backup text messages android very easily. This app allows us to get text message backup and restore to android. This app is available on Google play store just go to search bar and type SMS Backup and Restore. After installing this app follow these steps.

1-How can we create a new backup on Android. 

Open SMS Backup and Restore App and go to Backup tap. Then hit on Create New Backup of your text messages and MMS. Suggest any suitable name of your backup file and press ok button. The backup process will start. Now you have done everything. If you need anytime to restore your backup then just follow the steps below.

2. How can we restore SMS backup on Android? 

Open your app and go to RESTORE option. Here you have to select the same file name that you were created at the time of SMS Backup process. You will find several restore option like Restore MMS message or Restore All or Restore text message only. Select anyone according to your desire and press the OK button. SMS backup can be restored in the local device or Google Drive and Email. Before restoring factory setting of your phone, you should backup your SMS in the external card using this app.

Procedure 2: How to transfer SMS Backup to SD card and restore with SMS Backup + APK 

This is on another method using that we can easily take SMS backup & restore to our android phone. This method needs an SD Card because SD Card mostly contains enough space to store data. We can transfer our text message and MMS to SD Card and restore when we need. This method is also useful when we have to transfer our SMS from one mobile to another mobile.

1.How to transfer SMS and MMS to SD Card. 

You have to open your text message and select the message that you want to transfer in SD Card. When you will select the message then press tap option and press save to SD card. You have backup text message to SD Card now the question will arise how we can retrieve text messages from android. Just follow the below steps.

2. Restore the backup SMS using SMS Backup + APK. 

This method doesn’t need any APK for SMS backup but we need an APK to restore our text messages. The name of this APK is SMS Backup, its available on Google Play Store. Download this APK to your phone and open its interface just tap Restore and select the backup that you have created.

Method 3: How to recover deleted text messages android with FoneLab 

This method is specific for recovering the deleted SMS or MMS on android. Above two methods are used for SMS backup and recover purpose if you have your SMS available on your phone. 
How can we use this method just follow below steps? SMS Backup Software name is FoneLAb. 

 1. Download and install FoneLab on your computer. 

Open the software after installing and follow the given instruction. Open it on your desktop and connect your phone with computer via USB cable for restoring SMS or MMS. You will only be able to connect your phone when you enable the debugging mode on of your mobile.

2. The software will Scan all deleted SMS and MMS 

This software will scan your all deleted SMS and MMS when your phone is connected with computer. Now you just have to select the checkbox of “Message” and “Message Attachments”.

3. SMS backup and restore 

 This process will take some time and display all data in the column. Select Message from the left column and it will display you all previously deleted messages. Scroll down the full list and check on the desire messages that you want to recover. Click on Recover button and recover back up SMS and MMS from your android phone.

Part 2. Back up and restore SMS/MMS on iPhone 

After providing complete detail of “SMS Backup and Restore Android” mobile now we discuss how we can SMS backup and restore iPhone messages. There are several ways using that we can backup text messages iPhone and restore easily but here we will describe two very effective ways with full detail. 

Method 1: How to retrieve deleted imessages on iPhone with FoneLab.

FoneLab is a very useful software to recover deleted imessages on iPhone. This software can also be used for backup text messages purpose. If SMS has lost and deleted we can recover all SMS/MMS using FoneLab 

  1.  You have to download FoneLab and install into your computer. Now just connect your iPhone with a computer, it will automatically show in FoneLab environment. 
  2.  Here you have to find “Recover from IOS Device” mode and press the Scan button. It will start the scan process of your iPhone data. 
  3.  The Scan process will show all deleted data of your iPhone now you have to select only “Message”. It will view your deleted or lost messages. You select your messages that you want to recover and click on the recover button. Now we have learned how we can retrieve deleted imessages from iPhone. Now we discuss how we can take the backup of our current iPhone SMS/ MMS using FoneTrans.

Method 2: Backup and restore iPhone text messages via FoneTrans. 

FoneTrans can also be used for backup text messages iPhone and export text messages from iPhone easily. Just follow the simple steps below.

  1.  Download FoneTrans and install 
  2.  Open its environment and connect your iPhone with computer via USB cable. This software will automatically detect your iPhone. 
  3.  Now your iPhone will scan all data. You click on the SMS checkbox that will show all current and deleted SMS. 4. Select all those SMS from the list that you want to export and click on the export button. Your all selected message will be saved in HTML or TXT file.

Retrieve SMS to iPhone 

Using FoneTrans we have done the backup process of our current and deleted text messages from iPhone to the computer. Now we need the software to restore our backup data from computer to iPhone. Using iTools software we can restore our backup. Open iTools software and click on Toolbox button. Now you have to select Backup/Restore. Select your iPhone that you have connected with your computer and then double click on Message folder. Here you will see the SMS.DB click on it. Now select your desired phone number to choose the entire text message. Now you click on the import on the same menu. Now you import from CSV to find your renamed merged CSV file with both Android and iPhone. Now you have to click the open button to transfer your SMS from Android and iPhone to your iPhone mobile. Click “Synchronize to device” to choose your iPhone. Now one window will appear you have to press yes to start to restore the SMS process. After completing this process your mobile will restart automatically and you will find all SMS on your iPhone.