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Top 7 Best Ring Lights for Cameras in 2019

Brief Description of best ring lights: ring lights were actually invented for the medical industry. The dentist started to use these lights for getting the exact image of patient teeth. Later on this idea grab by other industries and started practice for better makeup and attractive selfies. Everyone wants to become famous and need the maximum following on social media. You always need high-quality images that attract your followers. These newer ring lights make your photo attractive and high quality. 

You have seen many attractive and highly furnish images on social media of different models that mean these models using ring light photography. Using ring light with phone holder anyone can make high definition photo. 

It is difficult to select any one ring light for personal use because there are several kinds of ring lights available with different features. Each model contains unique advantages that become the cause of confusion to select any one model. Here we are describing all those models that are highly demanding and have a good market value. 

According to your need, you can select one ring light that fulfills your requirements. Here is the complete description of best ring lights for cameras.


Neewer 18-inch 240 LEDsCheck Price
Neewer 14-inch240 LEDsCheck Price
Ubeesize light180 LEDsCheck Price
Auxiwa Ring Light36 LEDsCheck Price
Viltrox JY670N7 Adapter RingCheck Price
Diva Super Nova 5500K daylight bulbCheck Price
Neewer TableTop 120 LEDsCheck Price

Highly Recommended: Neewer Upgraded 18-inch LED Ring Light

best ring lights
best ring lights

Newer ring light available in different sizes and shapes. This 18 inch led ring light contains a good value due to its big size. For better quality, you should buy a large size ring light. Due to its large size, it contains several other accessories. You will find the following accessories with this ring light. 
  • Beautiful Adapter for mounting camera. 
  • One adjustable stand. 
  • Rotatable smartphone holder. (Ring light with phone holder
  • Power cable (the U.S and European) 
  • For color adjustment pair of filters. 
  • Bluetooth remote 
  • Carry Case. 


The output current of this ring light is 55W. you can also use dimmer for manual adjustment. This light is not fixed you can change the angle of lite according to your need. The stand of light can also be moved up and down as per your need. Bluetooth feature of this ring light is valuable. You can get the result of professional photography using Bluetooth feature. Video can be stopped and play using Bluetooth remote without the touch of your smartphone. 
If you are professional and need high-quality result you should buy 18-inch ring light. 

Ring Light for Smartphone: UBeesize Ring Light 

best ring lights
best ring lights

UBeesize ring light is the selection of those users who just want to use their smartphone with the best ring light and also for those who have a low budget. This ring light contains a simple stand along with a big clip that is used to attach this stand with any table or desk. 


The size of this stand is 14 inch that contains an adjustable smartphones holder. This holder is adjustable for any size of the device. The size of the ring light is 27 inch. Both the stand and ring light can be moving in any direction easily. During shooting, you can rotate the phone holder at any direction for a better image. 

For customers ease, this ring light can be powered on using a portable battery, Powered via USB from laptop and wall socket. UBeesize also has remote for adjusting the brightness level and color temperatures. You can use this professional ring light for shooting audio and video, for makeup and many other purposes. This low price best ring light for phone can be used for many other purposes. 

Best for a Portable Studio: Neewer LED Ring Light 14" 

best ring lights
best ring lights

Neewer LED ring light 14-inch model has the same features of Neewer 21 inch led ring light. The difference is the only size. It contains also color filters, Bluetooth and remote for adjustment. 
This ring light needs 36W and contains 180 LEDs.


This is the smaller version so its result is not equal to the upgraded version. Apart from its latest version the result of this ring light is valuable. Its brightness is most suitable in many different situations. Using dimmer user can adjust the brightness like its updated version of the ring light. Neewer ring lights are expensive but their features are valuable that cover its cost and make it more professional. Its Carry case is waterproof that cover it’s all accessories. Carry has a hot handle on the top for carrying it easily. These all extra features are not available in other cheap ring lights. 
The company provides the power supply with international standard that fulfills the requirements of American and European both because power supply handles the voltage from 100 to 240V. You can travel to any city and country, can use this power supply. 

Selfies Specialist: Auxiwa Clip-on Selfie Ring Light 

best ring lights
best ring lights

If you are not a professional, you need ring lights just for a selfie or you don’t want to spend extra money on ring light then Auxiwa clip-on selfie ring light is the best choice for you. There are several other companies that provide cheap ring light but Auxiwa is the best from them due to its features and quality. 
You can use this ring light clip with 36 LED on the top of the phone. This ring light clip is designed for front camera purpose but can also be used with a back camera of the smartphone. If you want to attach with the laptop you can attach. It can also be attached with desktop and other similar devices. If you are caring and don’t want scratches on your device then the company has provided a smart soft padded with this clip to avoid scratches, so stop worrying and feel free to attach ring light with any device. 
The battery of this ring light is non-removable. Battery timing is 8 hour that is enough for long working. A USB cable is provided to charge its battery. For brightness adjustment, you will find a button on the top for better result. 

Ring Light for Nikon DSLRs: VILTROX JY670N 

best ring lights

If you are using Nikon DSLR and you need better result then you should buy this ring light for your Nikon DSLR. There are several other options available for getting high-quality images but all are expensive this is the only best highly recommended idea that gives you a professional result in suitable price.


This is JY670N flash unit with cable and dual-LED setup. It can easily connect with the lens of the camera. You will also find 6 adapter rings ranging in size from 48 to 69mm. there is a very beautiful and attractive bag for putting all the accessories inside. There is one big feature of this light you can control the light of each LED separately. That can allow you to get a good result of your image. User can also enjoy the support of i-TTL. 
This is very professional and highly recommended ring light especially when you shooting HD images. This is the best choice of Nikon owners for a better result in suitable price. 

Best for Beauty Bloggers: Diva Super Nova 18" Ring Light

best ring lights
best ring lights


Ring lights are used for a different purpose. If you need professional ring light for any type of professional working then your way of selecting a ring light will be different. If you are only selfie maker then you have to buy a ring light that is designed for a selfie. If you require a ring light for YouTube video shooting, for your professional blog or you need for Instagram then you should buy ring light for video making. Actually, you are finding a ring light that brightness is accurate for shooting HD video. Diva Super Nova 18 inch ring light is the right option for you.
This ring light is demanding and best value in the market. Many bloggers are using Diva Super Nova 18 inch ring light for their blogs and you tubes videos. Its brightness is very high but you can reduce the brightness using dimmer. Diffusion cloth is also needed for softness that is available in this ring light. 
The stand of Diva supper ring light is professional and contain 6 legs that can be wider maximum without any difficulty. Other ring light stand cannot wider more like this stand. This special feature helps you to set the angle of the camera at a suitable position. We call this ring light professional because it’s all features are designed for professionals working. Mostly this ring light is used for studio purpose. Diva supernova 18 ring light is costly but its professional features cover its cost and allow you to work professionally. 

Ring Light for Tabletop: Neewer Tabletop 8-Inch Ring Light Kit 

best ring lights
best ring lights

If you don’t need professional and expensive ring light that is used for studio purpose or used for shooting videos for bloggers and you tubes then this tabletop 8-inch ring light can be the best option for you. It contains 120 LEDs and needs 24W current. This complete kit consists of mini-tripod, separate stand, smartphone holder, one hot mirror that can be mounted inside the light. 
The adjustment of the light is necessary; this light can be adjusted at 180 degrees. Its base is designed to keep it stable without any danger. The dimmer feature is also available in this ring light that can be used to adjust the brightness as per your need. This adjustment is done for different purpose like shooting videos or doing makeup etc. 
If you need ring light with a tripod then this ring light should be your choice.
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