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transfer text messages from android to iPhone

Every cell phone and smartphone user send and receive a text message to stay connected with friends and family. There are several other apps available in the smartphones that are very important but text messages are most important and precious and no anyone wants to lose their text messages. When you have no internet connection for browsing the internet then a text message is only one cheap method to connect with loved ones. 
If you are old Android user and have tired of your smartphone definitely you will jump to iPhone for latest features and new look. After buying a new iPhone the first question will come in your mind how you will transfer text messages from android to iPhone. Because it's very necessary for everyone to keep its all data especially text messages. Below you will find the complete solution of transfer message to iPhone.

IOS app can not be used to transfer message to iPhone

IOS app is used to transfer data from android or any other devices to the iPhone. There are several tutorial and reviews available about the IOS app to transfer data from android to iPhone. The actual story is this using IOS app you can transfer all other data like videos, audio files, documents easily apart from text messages. When you will open the IOS app you will never find the text messages icon or button. If you have decided to transfer your text message from IOS app this process will be totally wastage of time because IOS app has several limitations and not allow transferring text message. 
Here we will describe how you can transfer messages to iPhone.

transfer text messages from android to iPhone

There are several apps available using that you can transfer text message from android to iPhone free. Here we will describe the phone transfer app that is best and valuable to transfer text messages to iPhone. The usage of this app is very easy any end-user can easily transfer message to iPhone after some clicks. Phone Transfer app is not only available for transferring text message, but the user can also transfer all other data like videos, audios, documents, contacts, and SMS as well. 

Supported iPhone Models: 

iPhone XS/XS Max/XR, iPhone X/8/8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus/7/SE/6S Plus/6/5S

Supported Android Phones:

 Samsung Galaxy Note 8/S9/S8/S7/S6/S5/S4, HTC One M10/M9/M8/M7, Motorola X/G/E, LG G5/G4/G3/V10, Sony Xperia Z5/Z4/Z3, Huawei Mate 8/7/, ZTE, Oppo Find 7 and many more.


Complete Guide of transfer text messages from android to iPhone

Install and Run the Program to your computer 

Using download link you have to install this app on your computer. This app can easily operate in both Windows and Mac operating system. After completing the installation process, this app will automatically launch. The following image will show on your screen. Now you have to click the switch to download the built-in function.

Connect iPhone and Android Phone to the Computer 

In this step, you have to sure the USB driver of Android and iPhone is installed in your computer. Now connect your iPhone and Android to your system using the compatible USB cable. The software will automatically detect your mobile phones. The software will start processing and scan stored data from both connected mobiles.

Load the Data on your Screen 

When the scanning process will finish the software will analyze the phones and SIM internal memory. After that, all analyze data will load and display on your computer screen. You have to keep in your mind you are transferring data from android to iPhone so your source phone should be android phone and destination phone should be your iPhone. In any case, if you have not checked the right orders your process of transferring data will be wrong. Using the flip button you can change the order. 

Start Transfer text message to new iPhone. 

Here you will be able to transfer data from android phone to iPhone. All loaded data will be available on the screen. Here you just check the text message option and uncheck all other data options. You can check any other data option if you want. You have done almost just click on Start Transfer button and the data will start transferring from Android to iPhone.

There are some other valuable features of this app like you can take the backup of your contents and save to your computer for future use. If you want to take the backup of videos, photos, and music you can do it. In the future, this backup can be restored in your phone if you have lost your data. If you want to read more about SMS backup and restore you can read it here. 
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