Thursday, September 12, 2019

8 Best Find my friends app for Android

If you are iPhone user using Find My Friend app you can share your location with other iPhone devices. This app is not available for Android users. Instead of this app, there are several other apps available. Using these apps Android users can share their location with other peoples. If any user who wants to share location, he has to install a “location sharing app” in his mobile. 

Many location sharing apps share location and battery level status also. If you are tracking any shared device and it disappears at sudden you can judge the reason whether it disappear low battery reason or some other reason because you have the battery level of the tracked person also. There are some other features available in location-sharing apps apart from battery level like location history, chat but these features require some fee. 
Following are some location sharing apps that are the best option for android users. Some application requires money for using extra features of these apps. 

Google Map

find my friend app android
Google Map

The first app that we are going to describe here for sharing location free is Google Map. You can share location with your friends and family. Open Google Map and go to upper right corner and tap on three lines for extracting menu. You will find in this menu location sharing option. When you will sign into your Google account you are able to share your location with anyone temporarily or permanent. 

Share and Request Location With Google Trusted Contacts

Find my friends app android
Google Trusted Contacts

Using Google trusted Contacts app we can share our location with any other Android or iPhone user easily. Apart from Google Map, this Google app has some other features. Auto Response feature of this app allow user if they did not respond when one trusted contacts request your location then trusted contact will automatically share the location with other trusted contacts. 

Telecom companies services

Find my friends app android
Telecom Companies Services

Telecom Company can provide the service of location sharing. It depends on the country and telecom company because all telecom company has your complete identification and giving you the services related to telecom. These companies offer location-sharing services that work for all kind of users like Android, IOS, etc. These companies charge some money and provide this service. 

Get Alerts, Chat, and Locate Friends and Family With Life360

Find my friends app android
Life 360

Life360 is a well-known app that offers location sharing services for both Android and iPhone users and some other valuable features as well. Users can receive location alert using life360 app when any person will arrive and leave the location from your friend and family. This app also provides the facility of chat If you upgrade life360 plus $2.99 per month then you can enjoy some advanced features like location history unlimited place alerts, location update and some other precious information like crime hotspot. 
If you want to enjoy more extra features like phone use while driving, track speeds then you have to upgrade life360 driver protect for $7.99 per month. Life360 is a very advanced and valuable app but it is not free for all operations you have to pay money for getting advance features. 

Track People and Tasks With GeoZilla.Com

GeoZilla is best-known
Find my friends app android
app for location sharing also offers chat facility and geofencing alerts. Users of GeoZilla can easily get location alerts when someone arrives and leave the area. 
Users can set a reminder at location list for performing any task. Like you can set an alert at school when you will reach school it will notify you for performing your task for that you were set the reminder. You can also upgrade this app only in $1.99 per month for getting schedule alerts, location history, and some other benefits. 

Set Safe or Unsafe Zones in Sygic Family Locator

Find my friends app android
Sygic Family Locator

Sygic Family locator is a professional app for location sharing. It allow the users to set an safe and unsafe zones. When your family member will enter any safe and unsafe place you will notify. These features were actually core features that both Android and iPhone user expect. 

Share Your Location Short-Term With Glympse

Find my friends app android
Share your location

You can temporarily share your location with friend’s free using Glympse app. This app is applicable for both Android and iPhone users. There is one big advantage of this app when you will share your location using Glympse other user does not need this app who can check the location in his browser. 
This app is also more valuable because you can share your location with unknown person and they can check the location in browser. 

See Your Social Network on Snapchat’s Snap Map

Find my friends app android
Snap Map

This is another way of sharing location using social media platform. Snapshot is the social media platform and millions of the users using this app. Snapchat offers location sharing via Snap Map. Snapchat users can chat with each other and share their location if they want. By default your location is not sharing but when you want to share you can share location via Snap Map to your friends and family and other members.
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