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Monday, September 16, 2019

Best free music download app for iPhone/iPad

Listening to music is the habit of everyone because this is the best way of entertainment. Music can reduce your stress and give you relax. If you are iPhone or iPad users you don’t need to buy any other music player. iPhone gives you a great result regarding listening to music. iPhone provides advance hardware and other features that give you good music listening experience. 
It is not easy to download music if you are an iPhone user. Apart from iPhone Android users can easily download music files. If you are using IOS Safari browser then you will feel this browser does not allow downloading mp3 files directly. You have the only option to listen to music directly when you are connected to the network. You are facing the above mentioned problem and finding the solution than you are at right place. We are going to describe some app that allows you to download music using the iPhone or iPad. 


1. Evermusic – free offline music app for iPhone

free music download app for iPhone
Free music download app for iPhone

Evermusic is the IOS app that has great features. This app provides several advanced features to its users for enhancing the listening of music. This music app is well known because it provides the facility to store your music files on the cloud-like Google Drive, DropBox, etc. 
Music files can be stored easily on the cloud. These music files can listen to cloud or download for offline listening. This app is free to download and can be used on iPhone 

2. Amazon Prime Music --Good music app for iPhone

free music download app for iphone
free music download app for iPhone

iPhone user can easily listen to any kind of music using Amazon prime Music. Good news for those users who are Amazon prime subscriber can get free access to prime music service. There are several playlists, genres, and artist that can be selected for listening. These music files can easily be downloaded for offline listening. 

3. Mazika --Free music app for IOS

free music download app for iPhone
free music download app for iPhone

Mazika is a famous music app with great and advanced features. Music files can easily be selected and browse on the internet via albums, genres, and artist. Users are allowed to create a playlist of self-selected music files. Mazika allows its users to download music files for offline use. This app is totally free for iPhone users. 
Download: Mazika 4.3/8

4. Google Play Music --Best Music app for iPhone

free music download app for iPhone
free music download app for iPhone

Google Play Music app is the official Google app and one of the best option for listening to music. This app is not just for playing music but offer some advanced features. using this app user can upload their own music files on the cloud-free. Uploaded music files can be accessed via the IOS app. Both options are available to listen online or download for offline use available. 
All the above mentioned features are totally free so the Google Play Music app is the best option to download music files and play on your iPhone. This is the official app of Google so users don’t need to worry regarding security features. 

5. MyMP3 --Free MP3 download for iPhone

free music download app for iPhone
free music download app for iPhone

Sometimes you download videos from the internet in mp3 format but you find these files in video music format. Its mostly happen when you download data from YouTube. These music videos files can be converted using MyMp3 app. MyMp3 is easy to use and covert the video file in mp3. This app allows you to share your files with your friends and family. 
Download: MyMP3 3.7/703

6. Free iTunes Single of the Week 

free music download app for iPhone
free music download app for iPhone

Apple brings great deals for its users. Apple users know well Apple offer free songs. These free songs can be accessed from the iTunes store. These songs can be downloaded with one-day restriction after that these offers become expire. If you don’t want to miss these offers then you should download the app “Free song notifier for iTunes”. 
When any free music offer comes, this app will automatically give you a notification. You can visit the iTunes store and download music free. This music file can also be added into your library for future listening. This app is absolutely free for iPhone users. Just download and enjoy its amazing features 

7. FMA 3.2/9 --Good music App for iPhone

free music download app for iPhone
free music download app for iPhone

FMA free music archive is a famous music library. A big collection of free music is available around the globe here. All music files are free but legal to use. User can enjoy free music with this big music library. The interface of FMA is user-friendly so users can easily find music files. IOS music app allows you to access this library and select any music file according to your interest. Apart from the online listening user can download music and run a music file on its iPhone. 
Download: FMA 3.2/9

Other Ways of Free Music Download for iPhone/iPad 

Apart from above-mentioned apps there is some other way using that you can download music on your iPhone. If you have music files on your computer and you want to download these files into your iPhone. Just upload these files on any cloud and then download to your iPhone from cloud storage. A document by Readdle can also be used to save music on iPhone devices. This browser gets the music files from different music websites and stores them into your iPhone. It also allows users to manage and organize them and play music files using your built-in music app. 


We have mentioned all possible way of downloading music and play on the iPhone. You should always update your downloaded apps for the latest features and bug fixing purpose. If there is any other way of downloading music available you can feel free to update us for our knowledge. For any kind of problem or query, you can contact us and send the message below at comment section area.