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How to do a conference call on iPhone

How to do a Conference call from iPhone 

iPhone allows up to five users to make a conference call. This feature is pretty good if you want to convey your same message at the same time to your many contacts. Apart from the conference call, there are two other useful features call forwarding and call waiting on the iPhone. It is very easy to make the conference a call using the iPhone.

how to do a conference call on iPhone
Conference call on the iPhone


Now you have to make a call to your first-person and then place the caller on hold. Now you make a call to another person after connecting the call to the second person now you go in option and tab to merge call. Both callers will be connecting to you at the same time. If you want to add more callers repeat the same process. Following is the complete process of how to conference call with iPhone. 

How to conference call on iPhone

 Conference call on the iPhone

After making your first call now dial your second phone number. Your first call will automatically on hold when you will make your second call. Now go to option and tap merge call. Your caller will connect with each other. This process can be repeated if you want to add more callers.

Other tips conference calling on iPhone/iPhone group call

How to do a conference call on iPhone
iPhone Group Call

Here are some other iPhone conference calling tips.:

How to do a conference call on an iPhone is not a difficult process. We have discussed at above with detail. Sometimes it is difficult to drop a call from the conference. Just go to conference and tap the red circle of any iPhone that you want to drop from the conference. Tap end call and your caller will be disconnecting from conference.

During the conference, if you want to make any private talk with a specific caller just go to conference and tap private button at front of any your caller that you want. Your call becomes private caller and again connects your call with conference by taping conference button again to rejoin your conference.

During the conference call, if you find the new incoming call you can connect the new call and your conference call will automatically pause. The conference call can be merged with a new incoming call from the merge call option.
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