Thursday, September 12, 2019

How to take a screenshot on Samsung

You are ready to take a screenshot on your Galaxy s5 but you don’t know how to take a screenshot. just keep connecting with us for a few minutes reading and take your first screenshot from your mobile. 

How to take a Screenshot on Samsung

How to take screenshot on samsung
Galaxy Screenshot

It's not difficult to take a screenshot on your Samsung Glaxys5. You have bought a new Galaxys5 and previously have been using the android and iPhone for taking screenshots. The process of taking a screenshot on S5 is slightly different but not difficult. The process of the screenshot on GalaxyS5 is the same as the Galaxy S5 Active. Following we are going to describe two different methods of Samsung Screenshot GalaxyS5 with complete detail. 



Method 1 

Using physical button combination we can easily take the screenshot on the GalaxyS5. The same method can be used for taking the screenshot on iPhone. This method of taking a screenshot on android is also similar. You only have to learn the positions of the button and press them. 
  1. Now you open the specific screen that you want to take a screenshot.
  2. Now you have to press the power button and home button together. Sometimes it is difficult to press both buttons if the size of your mobile is larger. You will hear the sound fire off if you have done the screenshot successfully.
  3. Go to your gallery and see the screenshot that you have taken.
  4. Using the command line or Android File transfer tool you will find a screenshot at /pictures/screenshots.

Galaxy S5 Screenshot 

how to screenshot samsung
How to take a screenshot on Samsung

Method 2 

This is one another very cool feature in Samsung. Using this feature you can take a screenshot without pressing any button. This feature is not new in Samsung. Just tilt your hand up with your pinky facing down. Now swipe it across the screen. You have almost done just make sure you touch the screen. 
Your screenshot has captured successfully. This feature is enabled by default in your GalaxyS5. 
If you don’t want this feature enabled in your mobile you can disable manually. Following is the procedure of enabling and disabling this feature. 
  1. Go to your mobile setting.
  2. Navigate to Motion and choose the “Motion and gestures” option. 
  3. Here you have to tap the “Palm swipe to capture” option.
  4. Here you will find the toggle button to turn off or on this feature.
If you have done a screenshot on Samsung using any above method you can easily share your screenshot on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform with your friends.
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