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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Ufone Whatsapp Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly In 2022

Ufone Whatsapp Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly In 2022

There is a number of social platforms that we use daily to connect with loved ones. WhatsApp is a famous social platform that is used by millions of people. it provides an easy way of messaging, sharing documents and media. 
Sharing videos and images require MBS. without sufficient internet, data users are not able to connect with each other via Whatsapp. Ufone offers a suitable WhatsApp package plan for its valued customers. Package plans are available on a daily, weekly, and monthly time duration.

Ufone WhatsApp Packages


Ufone Daily Whatsapp Package

Ufone is offering different social bundles that base on daily, 3 days and monthly time duration. Users can select a bundle that makes it sense. The price of each package plan and its expiry period is different. Ufone daily chat package contains 
  • 500 MBS for Whatsapp
  • 1000 SMS 
  • Validity 24 hours.
  • Price 6 rupees.
  • The subscription code is *3465#.
  • Below we have arranged the list of all Ufone Daily Whatsapp Package plan in detail. Select anyone the fulfill your social requirements. 
    Ufone Daily WhatsApp
    Package NameUfone Special Daily 3G Package 
    Free MB750 MB (Social Bundle 1AM to 9PM) + 50 MB Internet
    Subscribe *3461#
    Validity 1 Day
    ChargesRS: 7

    Ufone Daily WhatsApp
    Package NameUfone Social daily Package
    Free MB100 MB For WhatsApp + Facebook + Twitter
    Subscribe *4422#
    Validity 1 Day
    Ufone Daily WhatsApp
    Package NameUfone Daily Chat Package
    Free MB500 MB  WhatsApp, +10000 SMS 
    Subscribe *3465#
    Validity 1 Day
    ChargesRS: 6
    Ufone Daily WhatsApp
    Package NameUfone Daily Light 3G Package 
    Free MB1000 MB  Social +40 MB Internet
    Subscribe *2256#
    Validity 1 Day
    ChargesRS: 13
    Ufone Daily WhatsApp
    Package NameUfone Daily Heavy 
    Free MB500 MB  Social Bundle + 75 MB Internet 
    Subscribe *2258#
    Validity 1 Day

    Ufone 3 Day Whatsapp Packages

    Daily Package plan has limited time duration so Ufone offers 3-day WhatsApp package plans for the ease of customers. Ufone 3 day bucket contains 100 MB browsing internet data and a 500 MB Social pack. The price of a 3-day bucket is 30 rupees. The activation code is *3350#.

    Ufone 3 Day WhatsApp
    Package NameUfone 3 Day Bucket
    Free MB100 MB + 500 MB Social Pack
    Subscribe *3350#
    Validity 3 Days


    1. The Whatsapp package does not allow location sharing. in the case of sharing location, you will charge a standard price. Ufone Whatsapp package plan allows voice, video, image, and text.
    2. in case of low balance, the package will never activate again. Free WhatsApp package of Ufone requires some balance in your Ufone SIM anyhow it is 1 paisa.
    3. The Free Whatsapp package will expire automatically if you change the package.

    Ufone Monthly Whatsapp Packages

    Ufone monthly package plans are designed for those who want to connect via social platforms with their friends and loved ones. The validity of the package plan in this category is 30 days. After 30 days Ufone customers need to activate the package plan again. A monthly package plan is a suitable option for those who want non-stop MBS along with many other advantages. The monthly package plan of any Telecom ensures the customers unlimited MBS. Ufone social monthly package contains the following data.
    1. 1GB WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter
    2. Activation Code is *5858#.
    3. Validity is 30 days.
    4. Charges 60 rupees.
    If you think this monthly WhatsApp package plan is not suitable for you then you can try Ufone monthly lite cash back package plan with the following features. 
    1. 1GB Internet data plus 2 GB WhatsApp, Twitter, and Line
    2. Validity is 30 days
    3. Charges 250 rupees
    4. Activation code is *3#
    Ufone Monthly Max Whatsapp Package plan is suitable for those who want data for browsing the internet along with a social pack. Ufone Monthly Max WhatsApp contains the following features.
    1. 10GB browsing data + 2GB Social Pack
    2. The activation code is *5100#
    3. Validity 30 days
    4. Price 1560
    The complete Ufone Monthly WhatsApp Package list is below with detail. 
    Ufone Monthly WhatsApp
    Package NameUfone Social Monthly   
    Free MB1 GB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter)
    Subscribe *5858#
    Validity 30 Days
    Ufone Monthly WhatsApp
    Package NameUfone Monthly Lite Cashback
    Free MB1GB Internet + 2GB (WhatsApp, Twitter,Line)
    Subscribe *3#
    Validity 30 Days
    Ufone WhatsApp Monthly
    Package NameUfone Monthly Lite
    Free MB1GB Internet + 2GB (Social Pack)
    Subscribe *7807#
    Status Code--
    Validity 30 Days

    Ufone Monthly WhatsApp
    Package NameUfone Monthly Heavy  
    Free MB3GB Internet Data +2GB Social Bundle
    Subscribe *803#
    Validity 30 Days
    Ufone Monthly WhatsApp
    Package NameUfone Monthly Max  
    Free MB10GB + 2GB (Social Pack)
    Subscribe *5100#
    Validity 30 Days

    Ufone WhatsApp Package

    Social platforms play a very important role in our life regarding social connection. all smartphone users use social platforms for sending, receiving different types of media. WhatsApp is one of the leading social platforms that subscribers are available in millions. Ufone offers affordable package plans for its valued users 

    Ufone is the leading telecom brand in Pakistan that always cares about its customers. if anyone needs a cheap plan just buy Ufone SIM and start using valued services. in this guide, we have arranged all Ufone WhatsApp Package plans with detail for the ease of users. We update package plans on daily basis for making our services valuable for all users.  

    Terms And Conditions:

    1. All WhatsApp bundles are valid for sharing documents and media.
    2. tax is included with package plans price
    3. All the above package plans are valid for prepaid users. 

    Q: How can I get the Ufone WhatsApp Package?
    Ans: WhatsApp package plan can be availed by dialing appropriate codes that are specific for each package plan. Users can activate the Monthly Whatsapp package plan by dialing *5100#. 

    Q: How activate Ufone Free WhatsApp?
    Ans: Free offers announce often by Ufone that can be visited on this page. Currently, there is no free WhatsApp offer. 

    Q: How check WhatsApp MB Ufone?
    Ans: Dial *706# from the mobile dialer and get the information about the remaining SMS, Calls, and MBS. Otherwise, download Ufone App for checking all data graphically. 

    Q: How can I use WhatsApp without a bundle?
    Ans: Without bundle, users will be charged a standard MB rate that is high. The activation bundle is the best choice to use WhatsApp. 

    Q: How can I activate free WhatsApp and Facebook on Ufone?
    Ans: Dial *3434# and enjoy Facebook with Ufone.