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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

What Happens When You Block A Number On Android

"What happens when you block a number on Android?" is a typical query we have when we block any number. After blocking a number, you will no longer be able to receive calls or messages from that number. The android system routes incoming calls from blocked numbers to voicemail and text messages to the spam bin.
When you don't want to call or text from a suspect number, you can utilize the call block option. Stay tuned for a couple more moves to a quick summary.

What Happens When You Block A Number On Android?

What Happens When You Block A Number On Android

The precise answer to the issue of what happens when you block a number on Android is that you will no longer be able to receive calls or messages from that number. When a blocked individual attempts to call you, the Android system will immediately route the call to voice mail. On block numbers, there is no notification or alarm.
The identical text messages will arrive from a blocked number but will never be displayed on the screen. Text messages are routed to the spam folder by the Android system. When he sends messages, no alerts or notifications regarding the block number are displayed.
This situation does not apply to you since you have a blocked number, in which case you are unable to receive calls or texts but may send messages and make calls without any problems.

What Happens to Calls When Someone Is Blocked?

The first thing you will notice after banning any number on your Android or iPhone is that you will never get a call from the banned number. Calls will be declined automatically by the Android and iPhone systems.
It is possible to call from a banned number and have it routed to voicemail; however, this does not guarantee that you will receive a voicemail notice. You will never receive a notification about the block number on your phone.
The call limitation scheme only applies to one side and is not applicable to both sides. In other words, you have banned any number for call limitation, but you may still contact him and he will never refuse or decline your call. If he has also blocked you, you will be unable to contact him by phone.

What Happens to Messages After a Number Is Blocked?

When we block a number on Android or iPhone, we do not get any messages or phone calls from that number. By blocking a contact, you will not receive SMS or MMS messages on your phone. The sender will send the messages that will be sent from that side, but they will not arrive in your inbox. Without any indication or alert, Android or iPhone systems automatically route them to the spam folder.

On Android, how do you block a phone number?

A simple procedure can assist you in blocking any number. Call blocking is enabled by default on Android and iPhone handsets. If you wish to block someone who is bothering you, follow the procedures below if you have an Android phone.
      1. Go to the Phone app after unlocking your phone.
      2. Look for the phone number you wish to ban.
      3. Select the number and then tap the three dots at the top of the screen.
      4. The next page will come with an option block number; click on it.
When you use the above approach, the contact will be permanently blocked. You will never get phone calls or messages from that number. The blocked individual will attempt to connect the call, but the call will never reach your phone, and the text will be automatically sent to the spam folder by the system.
You believe the contact is not directly saved on your phone and wish to block him. The steps for blocking unsaved numbers are outlined below.
      1. The operation will begin with the Phone app
      2. When the phone app opens, touch on the three dots at the top of the screen.
      3. Locate the setting and tap it.
      4. You must now touch on open blocked numbers.
      5. Then, toggle on the unknown number you wish to block.

Can You Unblock a Number You've Already Blocked?

The straightforward answer is yes. All banned numbers can be unblocked at any moment. Simply go to the block number and then reverse the block action. The technique is outlined in detail below.
To unblock a number on your Android device, follow these steps:
      1. From the main menu, select the Phone app.
      2. Three lines appear at the top of the screen. tap and pick the additional option
      3. Now, choose a setting.
      4. You must now pick the blocked numbers.
      5. All listings of blocked numbers will be displayed here. Navigate to the person you wish to unblock. If you choose to unblock, the system will automatically remove it from the list of block numbers.
When you unblock a contact, all operations involving that number resume normalcy. You will begin to receive calls and texts as if you were a regular contact on your phone.

How to Block a Number on iPhone

      1. The procedure begins with a Phone app. open with a tap
      2. Get in touch with the person you wish to block.
      3. Tap on the contact information and then select Block this caller.

How to Unblock a Number on iPhone

      1. You now wish to unblock any contact on your iPhone.
      2. To begin, go to the setting
      3. Then choose Phone and then choose Blocked Contacts.
      4. The list of all block numbers will be displayed here. When you've reached your chosen number, click the edit button at the top. Now, press (-) to delete the symbol that will display in front of all contacts. The number will be unblocked and removed from the list of blocked numbers.

Is the other person aware that you have blocked them?

There is no built-in system that informs you that you have been blocked by another individual. Because when you connect the call, a recorded message begins, which does not imply any type of blockage. The text is generally delivered from your end but never reaches the individual who has blocked you. After so many attempts, you will conclude that the problem is something else, implying that you have been stopped by someone.

Is it true that blocking a phone number removes it from your contacts?

The contact will stay visible inside the phone but will no longer be functioning. You can unblock any contact at any time.

What Happens After You Unblock a Phone Number?

This question is answered in depth in our post. In any case, when you block a contact, he will no longer appear on your phone. Incoming calls from the blocked number will never be displayed on-screen, and the system will immediately refuse the call. There will be no SMS message or notice. If you like, you can unblock that contact later.

Is It Possible to Text Someone Who Has Blocked Your Number?

The precise issue is not sending text messages since they will be transmitted but not received. Instead of the inbox, the system routes all content to the spam folder. There are third-party applications accessible that we may use to convey our message; some apps really modify the caller ID. A SpoofCard app is a well-known software. If you want to use this app, go to the Google Play store and download it.
To use the SpoofCard App:
      1. When you install the SpoofCard app, just touch it to launch it.
      2. Now, from the navigation bar, pick Spooftext.
      3. To proceed to the next level, choose Spooftext. Now input the phone number of the person who has blocked you. If this number is kept in the phone directory, it may be accessed via the contact list.
      4. When you forward a message in this manner, the recipient will receive an SMS with a new caller ID. You can reach the individual who is blocking you in this manner.

Is it possible to see if a blocked number has attempted to contact you?

The simple answer to this question is no. When we block a contact, there is no message or alert displayed on our smartphone screen that shows the blocked individual is contacting you. Anyway, if you really want to know about block contact activity and what he's sending you in text, check your spam folder. His emails will be viewable in the spam folder. Calls, on the other hand, are sent to voicemail.
In other words, we can assess blocked contact activity. We can see what he's doing and how many calls and messages he's sending.

what happens when you block someone on your phone?

As previously indicated, you will be unable to accept calls or texts from that number.

How long do numbers stay blocked on Android

until you unblock them, the number will stay in your block list. So, if you don't want to block any more numbers, unblock them once more to resume receiving calls and messages.

 How to determine whether someone is blocking your calls

You may determine if your phone number has been blocked by following the instructions below.
      1. When you contact your desired number, you always get a voicemail indicating that your number is banned.
      2. The second, easiest approach to determine if your number is blocked or not is to dial another number; if the call connects, your number is definitely blocked.

How to determine if someone is blocking your text messages

      1. You have enabled the delivery note; but, when you send a message, you do not receive a delivery note stating that your number is banned, and your messages are not visible to that individual. 
      2. The second method is to send a message from another number and see if the delivery note is received; if it is, you have been blocked by that person.


The call block function may be used to prevent someone from making calls or texts. It is a useful function in many situations, and a detailed technique of blocking and blocking on Android and iPhone is given. Other relevant topics are also addressed here; if you have any other queries, please contact us.