Jazz Internet Packages complete Daily, Weekly, Monthly In 2021

Jazz Internet Packages Complete Daily, Weekly, Monthly In 2021

The Internet has become part of everybody in his daily routine life. In Pakistan, there are four big telecom operators that are providing the best telecom services. Like other telecom companies, Jazz provides admirable services to its customers like Data packages, call packages, and SMS packages. Jazz provides affordable package plans to its customers. 
Using Jazz daily Social Bundle users can use Facebook and WhatsApp for one full day within the 30 MB limit. The subscription code of this package is *114*5#. If the customers are not frequent data users then daily Jazz package plans are best for them. The daily package plan allows 200 MB for Facebook and WhatsApp. The activation code of the daily package plan is *455#. 
A recursive package means, after one day the package will activate automatically. Social Bundle plus SMS package both can be enjoyed by the Jazz Daily SMS +WhatsApp package. This package allows a 10 MB social bundle and 1800 SMS. For activating this package just dial *344#.Jazz daily bundle list has package plans that contain heavy data for single-day use. The detail of all Jazz Internet packages is listed below. Following are the Jazz Internet Packages Daily plans in detail. 

Jazz Call Packages
Jazz SMS Packages

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Package Name
Jazz Free Facebook
Rs 0
Jazz Free WhatsApp Offer
Rs 0
Jazz Gujranwala Super Duper Offer
Rs 6
Jazz Daily SMS + WhatsApp Package
Rs 7.2
Apna Shehar Package(Selected cities)
Rs 10
Jazz Daily Browser Offer
Rs 11.95
Jazz Sindh Package
Rs 12
Karachi Daily Hybrid Package(Khi only)
Rs 12
KPK Daily Offer
Rs 12
Jazz Day Bundle
Rs 14
Jazz Daily Youtube and Social
Rs 15
Jazz Daily Extreme
Rs 15
Jazz Daily Super
Rs 18
Jazz Free Music Bundle(Daily)
Rs 20
Jazz Daily Mega
Rs 27
Jazz Super Plus
Rs 28

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Jazz affordable package plans allow you to browse internet data freely. Users can serve the internet without the feeling of MBS expiry. There are several attractive offers that attract users more to keep connect with the Jazz network. There are some Jazz Internet Packages Free MBS offers like Jazz 4G Sim offer that contains 400 Jazz to Jazz Calling minutes, 4000 SMS for all networks, and 4GB internet data. For activating this offer just dial *443*30#. 
This offer is valid for only 4G users not for others. If you want to enjoy fast Jazz Internet Packages 4G service visit your nearest customer center and get your 4G SIM. Jazz Weekly Browse Offer gives 300 MB for 7 days. the price of this package is 50 rupees. Jazz has the right to change the price of the package at any time. the activation code of Jazz Browse Offer is *117*3#. Jazz is offering 3G and 4G services. 

Jazz Internet Packages Weekly

A fast internet speed is possible with the 4G technology that jazz provides to its valued customers. The below list contains a rich list of Jazz Internet Packages Weekly Plans with detail. Click on any jazz internet packages weekly code detail button and get its complete information.

Package Name
Jazz 4G Sim Offer
Rs 0
Jazz New Sim Offer
Rs 0
Jazz Weekly SMS+ WhatsApp Package
Rs 20
Jazz Weekly Browser Offer(Discontinued)
Rs 50
Jazz Weekly Extreme Offer
Rs 85
Jazz Weekly YouTube and Social
Rs 89
Jazz Sargodha Weekly Offer
Rs 88.9
Jazz All In One Social
Rs 89
Jazz Fre Music Bundle(Weekly)
Rs 90
Jazz Work From Home Bundle
Rs 95
Jazz Punjab Haftawar Offer
Rs 100
Jazz Weekly Hybrid 
Rs 120
Jazz HaftawarAll Rounder Packages (Selected Cities)
Rs 120
Haftawar Internet 3G,4G Package(Selected Cities)
Rs 120
Jazz Weekly Premium 3G,4G Package
Rs 169
Jazz Weekly All Network Package
Rs 170
Jazz Weekly Mega 
Rs 210
Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer
Rs 210
Jazz Weekly Super Plus
Rs 250
Jazz Weekly Mega Plus Offer
Rs 275
Jazz Weekly Super Max
Rs 299

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Jazz is offering 3G and 4G services to its users. Jazz Monthly Internet Package plans are affordable to access full month internet data. The majority of people use the Jazz service for regular internet use. Jazz internet service is liked by millions of people. 
Jazz gives extra credit to reusing old Jazz Sim to keep connected with the Jazz network.  1500 MBS and 1500 SMS with 50 Warid and Jazz calling minutes are given. Users need to just reactivate the old sim and dial *551#, free data, and minutes posted at the same time. Jazz contains a series of monthly package plans with different numbers of MBS and Calling minutes.

Jazz Internet Packages Monthly   

Jazz monthly plans are available with the name of Jazz Mahana Bachat offer, Jazz Internet Monthly Extreme Offer, Jazz Monthly Browser Offer. Each package has different advantages that meet different user's requirements. Check monthly package plans below with the detail button and get complete information. Choose your desires Jazz Monthly Internet Packages and enjoy Jazz Services.
Package Name
Jazz MBB Loyalty Offer
Rs 0
Jazz Bundle Plus Offer(Discontinued)
Rs 0
Jazz Karachi Monthly Facebook Offer
Rs 44.5
Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer
Rs 75
Jazz Infinity Browser
Rs 89
Jazz Unlimited Monthly SMS + WhatsApp Bundle
Rs 99
Jazz Monthly Social
Rs 99
Jazz Internet Monthly Extreme Offer
Rs 150
Jazz Monthly Browser Package
Rs 215
Jazz Supreme Hybrid Package (Selected Cities)
Rs 299
Jazz Free Music Monthly Package
Rs 330
Jazz Monthly Mega Plus Offer
Rs 349
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle
Rs 444
Jazz Karachi Mahana Offer
Rs 444
Jazz Monthly Supreme Offer
Rs 499
Jazz Super Duper Card
Rs 600
Jazz Monthly Premium Package
Rs 620
Jazz Monthly Super Duper
Rs 636
Jazz Monthly Internet Basic Package-Device Only
Rs 888
Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer
Rs 999
Jazz Super 4G Welcome Back Offer
Rs 1000
Jazz Monthly Internet Regular-Device Only
Rs 1750
Jazz Monthly Internet Heavy-Device Only
Rs 2500

Jazz Internet Packages 4G

Apart from daily, weekly and monthly package plans Jazz has introduced a number of other package plans to target more customers. a very popular 3-day package that contains 1 GB internet data only in 30 rupees. for activating this package Jazz customers dial *631#. This bundle is non-recursive means after expiry this package will never charge you automatically for the next subscription. 
The below package list contains the Jazz Infinity Browser package that can be used for serving the internet. The price of this package is 80 rupees plus tax. Other detail of the Jazz infinity browser can be visited by clicking on the detail button. 
Package Name
Jazz SIM Lagao Offer
Rs 0.01
Jazz Gold Super Advance Offer free balance:30
Rs 4.60
Jazz 3 Day Extreme Offer
Rs 30
Jazz 3 Day Max Offer
Rs 35
6 Month Bundle-Device Only
Rs 12000

jazz internet packages

Jazz Internet Packages 2021

Jazz is offering a number of package plans that we have arranged in our post in an easily understandable way. Users can find Jazz Internet Packages 2021 in detail in this post. Scroll up the page and visit all package plans one by one.  

Jazz Internet Packages WhatsApp

Jazz Whatsapp package plans are affordable for all kinds of users. Whatsapp package plans are available in daily, weekly, and monthly duration. Just go up and get the activation code of Jazz Internet Package Whatsapp.

Jazz internet Packages 3 Days

The 3-day max offer contains 1 GB of data and 100 Jazz minutes. The price of the Jazz internet package 3 days is 35 rupees plus tax. The subscription code is *631*2#. The validity of this package is 3 days. 


Q. How can I get Free Jazz MB?
Ans: Free Jazz Internet can be availed by Veon App.
1. Download the Veon App from Google Play Store
2. Run application 
3. Create your account 
4. Input Jazz number for free Jazz Internet.
5. Click Ok for confirmation.
6. Enter the verification code to verify the mobile number.
7. Set your email, password, and name.
8. Accept all terms and conditions.
9. After Registration click on the Jazz button that available below portion of App.
10. You will get instant free MBS. 

Q. How do I subscribe to Jazz Weekly 10GB? 

Ans: The price of the Jazz Weekly 10GB package is 99.

The subscription code of the weekly Jazz package is *117*14#.
Status Code is *117*14*2#.
The package duration is one week.

Q. How can I get free Jazz minutes?

Ans: Remaining or free Jazz minutes can be checked by dialing the specific code that is given with each package. Mostly *2# is applied at the end of each code. 

Q. How do I finish all Jazz packages?

Ans: It's very easy to finish all Jazz packages just type unsub and send it to 6611.

Q. What is data SIM Jazz?

Ans: Data Sim contains enough amount of MBS that can fulfill users' full month social requirements. Jazz Internet Packages Monthly list is mentioned above with a detailed icon.

Q: Jazz WhatsApp Packages?
Ans: The jazz Whatsapp package for daily, weekly, and monthly can be checked here.

Q: What is Jazz Budget Package?
Ans: Jazz Budget Package allows calls from "Jazz to Jazz" and "Jazz to Warid" on 2.99 rupee per 60  second plus tax.

Q: Which Jazz Package is best?
Ans: Jazz contains the best package in each category. if you are looking best package in the daily package plan list then Jazz Sindh Package is the best. All other package plan is described in detail on the top of the page.