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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Zong WhatsApp Packages Daily, Weekly, and Monthly in 2023

 Zong WhatsApp Packages Daily, Weekly, and Monthly 

Zong is the first telecom company that started providing 4G services in Pakistan. 4G technology ensures fast internet. Live streaming and fast browsing can be enjoyed with Zong Telecom. Zong contains a number of package plans with thousands of MBS for daily, weekly, and monthly time duration. social media is the need of everyone that can be enjoyed nonstop with Zong Telecom. Zong is offering daily WhatsApp packages, Weekly WhatsApp packages, and Monthly WhatsApp packages

Zong WhatsApp Packages and Bundles in 2023

zong whatsapp package

We have listed below Zong WhatsApp package plans that are available for three different durations. Each package plan is available in full detail. The total number of MBS, duration, and price can be checked.

Zong Monthly WhatsApp Packages

Zong Monthly WhatsApp package plan allows you to send texts, calls, and videos. The monthly WhatsApp package is suitable for those who are social lovers are businessmen. Both need to connect with their friends and customers. 

Zong Whatsapp Whatsapp and SMS Package

WhatsApp & SMS Package
Zong PackageZong Monthly WhatsApp 
Free MB30MB (WhatsApp) Per day, 500 SMS per day
Subscribe *705#
Un-SubscribeUnsub to 700
Validity 30 Days
ChargesRS:50 Excluding Tax

Unlimited Whatsapp Offer

Unlimited Wahtsapp Offer
Zong PackageZong Monthly WhatsApp 
Free MBUnlimited (WhatsApp) MB
Subscribe *247#
Validity 30 Days
ChargesRS:30 Including Tax

Zong Supreme Offer

Zong Supereme Offer
Zong PackageZong Monthly WhatsApp 
Free MB4 GB (WhatsApp 2GB Youtube) + 5GB, 5000 on-net calling minutes, 300 Off-net minutes, 5000 SMS
Subscribe *6464 # >4>3
Validity 30 Days
ChargesRS: 1000

Zong Supreme Plus Offer

Zong Supereme Plus Offer
Zong PackageZong Monthly WhatsApp 
Free MB4 GB (WhatsApp), 10 GB, 10000 On-net Minutes, 600 Other network minutes, 10000 SMS
Subscribe *6464*4# or dial *1500#
Validity 30 Days

Zong Weekly WhatsApp Packages

Zong Weekly Whatsapp package plans are designed on a low budget. Just pay 30 rupees and enjoy a full week with 200 MB Whatsapp and 1500 SMS. The detail of the weekly WhatsApp package plan is below

Zong Weekly WhatsApp
Zong PackageZong Weekly WhatsApp 
Free MB200 MB (WhatsApp) 1500 SMS
Subscribe *702# or Send "sub" to 700
Un-SubscribeSend Unsubscribe to 700
Validity 7 Days
ChargesRS: 21 Ex

Zong Daily WhatsApp Package

Now it's very easy to use Whatsapp for a single day. Zong offers a daily WhatsApp package to connect with friends and family for a limited time period. The detail of the Daily Whatsapp package is below.
Zong daily WhatsApp package contains 30 MB Whatsapp and 500 SMS. The activation code of this package is *700#. The price of this package is 5rupees. Zong daily social bundle offers 100 MBS for WhatsApp with a 10 rupees price. 

Zong Daily WhatsApp
Zong PackageZong Daily SMS & WhatsApp 
Free MB30 MB (WhatsApp), 500 SMS
Subscribe *700# or Send sub to 700 and reply 1.
Un-SubscribeSend Unsubscribe to 700
Validity 1 Day
ChargesRS: 5

Zong Daily Social Bundle

Zong Daily Social Bundle
Zong PackageZong Daily SMS & WhatsApp 
Free MB100 MB (WhatsApp)
Subscribe *6464# 
Validity 1 Day
ChargesRS: 10 Including Tax

Zong Daily Whatsapp Bundle

Zong Daily WhatsApp Bundle
Zong PackageZong Daily SMS & WhatsApp 
Free MB150 MB (WhatsApp)
Subscribe *4# 
Validity 1 Day


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What is the Zong WhatsApp Bundle?
WhatsApp bundle includes everything that any person needs to share with someone like videos, documents, files, audio, etc. Bundles by Zong are available at suitable prices that fall into 3 categories daily, weekly, and monthly. 

Is WhatsApp free on Zong?
Free offers announce from time to time for different types of users like for those who are not using their SIM for a long time, or for those who are out of balance. A new SIM also includes in this offer.

How can I activate Zong monthly WhatsApp Package?
Zong's monthly WhatsApp package can be activated by dialing *247#. Rs 38 + tax will deduct from the user account. The monthly Zong package allows all features like video calling, audio calling, and sharing media. 

How do I subscribe to the WhatsApp bundle?
The subscription code of each package is available with package plan detail. Get the detail and dial the desired code. 

How can I get WhatsApp free?
Free WhatsApp offers announced often by Zong are available at the top of this page. Scroll down all package plans and find the latest free WhatsApp offer.

How deactivate Zong 4GB WhatsApp?
open messages go to new message type unsub and send to 6464. 

How to check Zong WhatsApp remaining MBS?
The remaining MBS of any package can be checked by dialing *102# from the mobile dialer. The information regarding the current package plan will be SMS to your number.  

Is WhatsApp free in Pakistan?
Free offers are given to new customers or those customers who are not using their SIM for the last 2 months. instead of this other free offers can be checked above. 

How can I subscribe to Zong weekly WhatsApp package?
There are two methods first type SUB to 700 and the other dials *702#. Select your desired package and reply. 
How subscribe to Zong WhatsApp monthly?  
Monthly Zong Whatsapp offer can be subscribed to by dialing *247#. The monthly package gives relief for a full month to connect with friends and family.

Terms & Conditions:

  • 12.5 % income tax will apply to all transactions.  
  • GST is 19.5% on usage. 
  • After bundle expiry flat rate of Zong is 1+tax per MB
  • Most offers are auto-recursive. 
  • New SIM issued after clearing bio Martic
  • Advance income tax and sales tax would apply.
  • Terms and conditions apply to all users.