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Jazz WhatsApp Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly In 2021

 Jazz WhatsApp Packages Daily, Weekly, and Monthly In 2021

Jazz is the number one telecom operator in Pakistan. The jazz coverage areas are high in number as compare to other telecom operators. Apart from coverage jazz is the choice of the majority of the people in our county due to its affordable package plans and valued services. Here we are going to describe the Jazz Whatsapp Packages daily, weekly, and monthly.

Jazz WhatsApp Packages and Bundles

jazz whatsapp packages

There are three package plans of Jazz “WhatsApp package”. The following is the detail of Daily, weekly, and monthly packages plans. How we can subscribe and unsubscribe and what is the procedure to check the current status of these package plans.

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Packages

The monthly Jazz WhatsApp package is valid for prepaid users. The subscription to the jazz monthly WhatsApp package allows users to connect with their loved ones and family. Jazz monthly WhatsApp packages plan also contain the MBS for IMO. The following is the detail of this package.

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp
Jazz PackageJazz Monthly WhatsApp 
Free MB5 GB (WhatsApp) 12000 SMS
Subscribe *661#
Validity 30 Days

Jazz Weekly WhatsApp Packages

Jazz weekly WhatsApp Packages give you the freedom for one week to connect with your social lovers. Following we are going to describe all codes that can be used for the subscription to the jazz weekly WhatsApp package, the remaining MBS, current status. The price of this package is 20 rupees.

Jazz Weekly WhatsApp
Jazz PackageJazz Weekly WhatsApp 
Free MB25 MB (WhatsApp) 1500 SMS
Subscribe *101*1*07#
Validity 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Social 
Jazz PackageJazz Weekly Social (WhatsApp, IMO, Facebook) 
Free MB5 GB (WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO), Youtube
Subscribe *660#
Validity 7 Days
Jazz All In One Social
Jazz PackageJazz All In One Social 
Free MB1000 On-net minutes + 3 GB (WhatsApp + Facebook + IMO)
Subscribe *668#
Status Code*668*2#
Validity 7 Days

Jazz Daily WhatsApp Packages

Jazz Daily WhatsApp Packages plan is designed for those who are not frequent WhatsApp users. They need WhatsApp Package for performing specific performance on WhatsApp. Without any package, the price of MBS is very high. The price of the jazz daily WhatsApp package is very low. The daily package plan gives some free SMS also. Below is the detail of this package.

qqJazz Daily WhatsApp
Jazz PackageJazz Daily SMS & WhatsApp 
Free MB10 MB (WhatsApp), 1800 SMS
Subscribe *334#
Validity 1 Day
Jazz Daily Youtube & Social
Jazz PackageJazz Daily Youtube & Social 
Free MB1 GB (Youtube +WhatsApp + Facebook)
Subscribe *968#
Status Code*968*2#
Validity 1 Day


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Q: How can I get the Jazz Free Whatsapp Package?
Ans: Currently there is no free offer but Jazz free WhatsApp MBS if customers make a single call to any user. After finishing call free MBS was offered for WhatsApp.

Q: How to unsubscribe from Jazz monthly WhatsApp Package?
Ans: Open mobile dial pad and dial the code *101*4*02# your monthly subscription will unsubscribe.

Q: How to check Jazz monthly WhatsApp Package?
Ans: Monthly WhatsApp package can be checked by dialing *101*2*02#. 

Q: How to subscribe to the Jazz monthly WhatsApp package?
Ans: The subscription code of the jazz monthly WhatsApp package is *101*1*02#.

Terms & Conditions: 

·         Jazz has the right to change the codes of any package plans.

·         All the above mentioned package plans can be used on 2G/3G/4G networks.

·         Package status and remaining MBS can be checked by dialing specific codes that are given with package plans.

·         All terms and condition apply. 

·         All terms and condition apply.