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Monday, October 12, 2020

Jazz WhatsApp Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly In 2023

 Jazz WhatsApp Packages Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Best Offers and Bundles

Jazz is the number one telecom operator in Pakistan. The jazz coverage areas are high in number as compared to other telecom operators. Apart from coverage jazz is the choice of the majority of the people in our county due to its affordable package plans and valued services. Here we are going to describe the Jazz Whatsapp Packages daily, weekly, and monthly.
Daily Jazz WhatsApp package plans are suitable for those who are not frequent internet users they just want to share something and leave the plan. Weekly package plans are best for those who need social platform connectivity daily basis. Businessmen and other communities like students, and researchers use social platforms regularly without any pause. in this guide, we have provided the detail of all Jazz WhatsApp Package plans with detail.

Jazz WhatsApp Packages 

Instead of traditional calling and SMS, WhatsApp is the ideal way to stay in touch with loved ones. The highest calling quality and video calling capabilities are available to users. A positive WhatsApp experience encourages users to stay connected to this fantastic network.
Our biggest concern with Jazz WhatsApp package plans is this. Jazz makes its clients' lives easier by providing Daily, Weekly, and Monthly package options. Any of them the user finds suitable for them might be chosen.
Jazz provides its devoted consumers with access to several social networking sites, including WhatsApp, IMO, Twitter, and Pinterest. These systems all provide unique features that users may select as needed.
Jazz Telecom is a top company that gives customers what they desire. The Jazz WhatsApp Packages are listed below in detail.

Jazz WhatsApp Packages and Bundles

jazz whatsapp package

There are three package plans for Jazz's “WhatsApp package”. The following is the detail of the Daily, weekly, and monthly package plans. How we can subscribe and unsubscribe and what is the procedure to check the current status of these package plans?

WhatsApp has gained popularity for youngsters to connect with each other for sharing documents, pictures, audio, and video content. Students use WhatsApp for sharing notes and other educational activities. Businessmen use it for sharing their daily business activities like reports and Excel sheets. WhatsApp now become part of our life so the package plans for WhatsApp are necessary to afford it.

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Packages

The monthly Jazz WhatsApp package is valid for prepaid users. The subscription to the Jazz monthly WhatsApp package allows users to connect with their loved ones and family for one month. Jazz's monthly WhatsApp package plan also contains the MBS for IMO. Following is the complete detail of this package.

Jazz Monthly WhatsApp
Package NameJazz Monthly WhatsApp 
Free MB7 GB (WhatsApp + Facebook + IMO) + 1000 SMS +300 On-net Minutes +50 Off-net Minutes
Subscribe *661#
Validity 30 Days
ChargesRS: 215

Jazz Weekly WhatsApp Packages

Jazz weekly WhatsApp Packages give you the freedom for one week to connect with your social lovers. Following we are going to describe all codes that can be used for the subscription to the Jazz weekly WhatsApp package, the remaining MBS, current status. The price of this package is 20 rupees. This weekly package contains 25MB Whatsapp with 1500 SMS.

Jazz Weekly Social plan contains 5GB of data for Whatsapp, Facebook, and IMO. The code of this package is *660#. After 7 days plan will expire. The price of the package is 89 rupees only.

Jazz's all-in-one social bundle is designed for social lovers to connect with social lovers via call, WhatsApp, Facebook, and IMO handler. This amazing package contains 3GB of data along with 1000 jazz-to-jazz calling minutes. The price of the package plan is 89 rupees. Below you will find clear detail of all Jazz Weekly Whatsapp Package plans.

The Jazz Weekly Social bundle contains a complete social package.5 GB data available for WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO, and Youtube. The subscription code is *660#. The price of this package is 89 rupees along with a validity of 7 days.
Jazz Weekly WhatsApp
Package NameJazz Weekly WhatsApp 
Free MB25 MB (WhatsApp) 1500 SMS
Subscribe *101*1*07#
Validity 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Youtube  & Social 
Jazz PackageJazz Weekly Social (WhatsApp, IMO, Facebook) 
Free MB5 GB (WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO, Youtube, BIP)
Subscribe *660#
Validity 7 Days
Jazz All In One Social
Package NameJazz Weekly Social Plus 
Free MB500 On-net minutes + 25 Off-net Minutes + 500 SMS + 8 GB (WhatsApp + Facebook + IMO, Youtube, BiP)
Subscribe *668#
Status Code*668*2#
Validity 7 Days
ChargesRS: 215

Jazz Daily WhatsApp Packages

Jazz Daily WhatsApp Packages plan is designed for those who are not frequent WhatsApp users. They need WhatsApp packages for performing different activities like sending documents, videos, etc on WhatsApp. Without any package, the price of MBS is very high. The price of the jazz daily WhatsApp package is very low. The daily package plan gives some free SMS. Below is the detail of this package.
Jazz Daily's youtube and social WhatsApp package contain 1GB of youtube plus Whatsapp and Facebook data. The validity of this package is 1 day with 15 rupees. The activation code is *968#.
Another daily WhatsApp plan is Jazz's daily WhatsApp and SMS package plan. Users can avail of 10 MB WhatsApp with 1800 SMS for only 7.2 rupees. After one day package will expire. The activation code is *334#

Jazz Daily WhatsApp
Package NameJazz Daily SMS & WhatsApp 
Free MB10 MB (WhatsApp), 1800 SMS
Subscribe *334#
Validity 1 Day
Jazz Daily Youtube & Social
Package NameJazz Daily Youtube & Social 
Free MB1.5 GB (Youtube +WhatsApp + Facebook)
Subscribe *968#
Status Code*968*2#
Validity 1 Day


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About Jazz Telecom

Jazz includes those telecom companies which contain high efficiency and the lowest prices. The number of active subscribers crosses 59 million number. In other words, we can say this is the number telecom service provider in Pakistan. Up to 20 years continue quality services is providing to valued customers by adding the latest technology and covering new areas.

On this page, you are trying to search for the best and most affordable Whatsapp package plans. We have arranged all Whatsapp Package plans offered by Jazz for the ease of customers. You can find any desired package and subscribe to enjoy Jazz services.

Jazz WhatsApp Package

Social media platforms are crucial for enabling people to communicate with one another and spread information. Every telecom provider in Pakistan provides its customers with enticing and reasonably priced package offerings. A well-known telecom provider, Jazz offers a variety of package deals, including WhatsApp and other social package services.

Jazz WhatsApp Packages Monthly

Monthly Whatsapp Packages contain enough MBS for using WhatsApp full month. The detail of all package plans described above.

In this guide, we have arranged a list of all Jazz WhatsApp package plans that are based on daily, weekly, and monthly time duration. You don't need to browse different internet pages and find package plans just stop everything and get the solution to your problem in our guide.


Q: How can I get the Jazz Free Whatsapp Package?

Ans: Currently there is no free offer but Jazz free WhatsApp MBS if customers make a single call to any user. After finishing the call free MBS was offered for WhatsApp.

Q: How to unsubscribe from the Jazz monthly WhatsApp Package?

Ans: Open the mobile dial pad and dial the code *101*4*02# your monthly subscription will unsubscribe.

Q: How to check Jazz's monthly WhatsApp Package?

Ans: Monthly WhatsApp package can be checked by dialing *101*2*02#.

Q: How to subscribe to the Jazz monthly WhatsApp package?

Ans: The subscription code of the Jazz monthly WhatsApp package is *101*1*02#.

Q: Is Whatsapp Free on Jazz?

Answer: Jazz provides its loyal clients with free Whatsapp. Make up to 10 calls right now, and each one will earn you 65 MBS in free Whatsapp. Before you make the call, dial *225# to take advantage of a free Whatsapp offer.

Q: What is Jazz WhatsApp Package Code?

WhatsApp package codes are specific for activating desired WhatsApp package plan. Each package plan initiates a code that use to activate that package. the list of all jazz WhatsApp packages is listed above. 

Q: How can I get free Jazz on WhatsApp?

Jazz offers free 65 MB WhatsApp on every 1.5 rupees call for up to 10 calls in a day. Before starting a call user need to dial *225#

Terms & Conditions:

  • Jazz has the right to change the codes of any package plans.
  • All the above-mentioned package plans can be used on 2G/3G/4G networks.
  • Package status and remaining MBS can be checked by dialing specific codes that are given with package plans.
  • Multiple subscriptions are not allowed like daily and weekly plans cannot be subscribed together.
  • Each Whatsapp Package includes all features like sharing documents, video calls, voice calls etc.
  • All terms and conditions apply.