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Friday, August 2, 2019

How to Fix Android file transfer not working on Mac

August 02, 2019
You are ready to transfer android files. You have done the installation process of the Android File Transfer app on your Mac operating system. Your phone is already connected with your Mac. At sudden you will see the pop-up message. This pop-up message says “Could not connect to device”. If you are facing this problem and trying to solve your problem instantly then you are at right place. Here you will find the complete solution of Android file transfer Mac alternative. This tutorial will make you able to transfer your android phone data into your Mac system. 
There are several kinds of problems here we will diagnose the issues from both sides. After solving all issues step by step you will be able to solve the problem android file transfer not working on Mac. 

 Solution: Replace USB Cable  & Enable USB Debugging.

  • First of all, you have to check your USB cable and replace it. It’s possible your problem will become solved. If still, you are facing the problem then move to step number 2. 
  • You must use USB data cable for connecting your Android phone to Mac. If your USB cable is not data cable then your problem will never solve. 
  • Now you have to open the setting of Android phone. Go to your android phone setting and turn on USB debugging and choose “Media Device (MTP)” option. 
  • After completing this process your problem will become solved. If still, you are facing the same problem then you have to check your Mac setting. 
android file transfer alternative
USB debugging

Solution: Check Mac Operating System 

  • It’s necessary for transferring file from android to mac, use only MAC x or later and latest Android version. 
  • It is better you restart your mac system. 
  • Again open the File transfer app into your mac system. 

Solution:. Update Android Phone 

  • Sometimes you are not able to perform well because your android phone is not updated. Just update your android phone for performing well. 
  • Now you restart your Android phone and try to connect with Mac. 
Android update
Android File Transfer

How to Resolve Android File Transfer not working Issue with Android Assistant 

If you have done above mention tricks and your problem still not solve. Now, this is the time to use some third party software for resolving this issue. You have checked your USB cable, Android phone, and Mac operating system but still facing the same problem. Follow the below steps for fixing this issue. In this guide, we will use Android Assistant for Mac app. This app is very cool and easy to use for transferring data from android to mac. If you want to take the backup of your data this app provides the facility. With a few clicks, you can take the backup of your data. Follow below steps carefully and fix android file transfer not working on Mac

On your Mac System Download and Install Android Manager 

First of all, you have to download and install the Android Manager for Mac into your mac operating system. Android Manager for mac supported the latest Mac OS not the old version of MAC. After completing the installation process just go next. 

Now open this app into your Mac system. You will find several options but we need only transfer button for solving our problem. When you will open this app following window appear on your screen.
Android file transfer not working
Android Manager

Your PC has a valid connection with Android Phone 

Your USB cable should be ready to connect your Android phone with Mac OS. This app will automatically detect your android phone if your USB cable is working. You will see the following screen if your USB cable, Android phone, and Mac OS has no issue.
android file transfer not working
Android Manager

Data transfer between Android and Mac operating system. 

You have done everything you can transfer data from Android to Mac a Mac to android very easily just click the transfer button. This app allows you to transfer files from both sides. These files can be your music files, videos files, and other documents files. 

There is one another big advantage of this app that is you can take the backup of your precious data for future use. If your data has lost you can restore the backup easily.
android manager
Android Manager

Thursday, August 1, 2019

transfer text messages from android to iPhone

August 01, 2019
Every cell phone and smartphone user send and receive a text message to stay connected with friends and family. There are several other apps available in the smartphones that are very important but text messages are most important and precious and no anyone wants to lose their text messages. When you have no internet connection for browsing the internet then a text message is only one cheap method to connect with loved ones. 
If you are old Android user and have tired of your smartphone definitely you will jump to iPhone for latest features and new look. After buying a new iPhone the first question will come in your mind how you will transfer text messages from android to iPhone. Because it's very necessary for everyone to keep its all data especially text messages. Below you will find the complete solution of transfer message to iPhone.

IOS app can not be used to transfer message to iPhone

IOS app is used to transfer data from android or any other devices to the iPhone. There are several tutorial and reviews available about the IOS app to transfer data from android to iPhone. The actual story is this using IOS app you can transfer all other data like videos, audio files, documents easily apart from text messages. When you will open the IOS app you will never find the text messages icon or button. If you have decided to transfer your text message from IOS app this process will be totally wastage of time because IOS app has several limitations and not allow transferring text message. 
Here we will describe how you can transfer messages to iPhone.

transfer text messages from android to iPhone

There are several apps available using that you can transfer text message from android to iPhone free. Here we will describe the phone transfer app that is best and valuable to transfer text messages to iPhone. The usage of this app is very easy any end-user can easily transfer message to iPhone after some clicks. Phone Transfer app is not only available for transferring text message, but the user can also transfer all other data like videos, audios, documents, contacts, and SMS as well. 

Supported iPhone Models: 

iPhone XS/XS Max/XR, iPhone X/8/8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus/7/SE/6S Plus/6/5S

Supported Android Phones:

 Samsung Galaxy Note 8/S9/S8/S7/S6/S5/S4, HTC One M10/M9/M8/M7, Motorola X/G/E, LG G5/G4/G3/V10, Sony Xperia Z5/Z4/Z3, Huawei Mate 8/7/, ZTE, Oppo Find 7 and many more.


Complete Guide of transfer text messages from android to iPhone

Install and Run the Program to your computer 

Using download link you have to install this app on your computer. This app can easily operate in both Windows and Mac operating system. After completing the installation process, this app will automatically launch. The following image will show on your screen. Now you have to click the switch to download the built-in function.

Connect iPhone and Android Phone to the Computer 

In this step, you have to sure the USB driver of Android and iPhone is installed in your computer. Now connect your iPhone and Android to your system using the compatible USB cable. The software will automatically detect your mobile phones. The software will start processing and scan stored data from both connected mobiles.

Load the Data on your Screen 

When the scanning process will finish the software will analyze the phones and SIM internal memory. After that, all analyze data will load and display on your computer screen. You have to keep in your mind you are transferring data from android to iPhone so your source phone should be android phone and destination phone should be your iPhone. In any case, if you have not checked the right orders your process of transferring data will be wrong. Using the flip button you can change the order. 

Start Transfer text message to new iPhone. 

Here you will be able to transfer data from android phone to iPhone. All loaded data will be available on the screen. Here you just check the text message option and uncheck all other data options. You can check any other data option if you want. You have done almost just click on Start Transfer button and the data will start transferring from Android to iPhone.

There are some other valuable features of this app like you can take the backup of your contents and save to your computer for future use. If you want to take the backup of videos, photos, and music you can do it. In the future, this backup can be restored in your phone if you have lost your data. If you want to read more about SMS backup and restore you can read it here. 

WhatsApp conference call enabler

August 01, 2019
WhatsApp Group calling feature were only available for beta users. Now, this feature is available in the WhatsApp latest app. Both Android and iPhone user can use this feature. WhatsApp users are allowed to make a group call. The group call feature is amazing for conferencing via video or audio link. Make a call to anyone participant and then using “add participant” tab you can add other persons to the call. Just follow below easy steps and make audio and video call to your friends and family.

WhatsApp Conference Call Enablers


  • Before using this amazing feature you have to install the latest version of WhatsApp.
  • Internet Connection.


  • You can make call only 4 people, not more.
WhatsApp conference call  enablers
WhatsApp conference call enablers

How to use WhatsApp conference call enablers for video? 

  • Open WhatsApp application on your smartphone
  • Go to the Call Tab and click on the dialer button.
  • Select your participant for making call and tap on the video call button.
  • For adding another participant, you just have to tap on add participant and press add button.
  • For adding more people you can repeat this process again.

How to use WhatsApp conference call enablers for voice?

  • Open your WhatsApp application.
  • For making voice call select your desired number and tap on it.
  • After selecting the number you have to tap on the voice call button.
  • Your call will be connected with one person.
  • you have to make group call now just tap on add participant button.
  • A new window will appear, in this window, you just select another contact for adding in this group.
  • You can repeat this process for adding more people to this group.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Top 7 Best Ring Lights for Cameras in 2019

July 29, 2019
Brief Description of best ring light: ring lights were actually invented for the medical industry. The dentist started to use these lights for getting the exact image of patient teeth. Later on this idea grab by other industries and started practice for better makeup and attractive selfies. Everyone wants to become famous and need the maximum following on social media. You always need high-quality images that attract your followers. These newer ring lights make your photo attractive and high quality. 

You have seen many attractive and highly furnish images on social media of different models that mean these models using ring light photography. Using ring light with phone holder anyone can make high definition photo. 

It is difficult to select any one ring light for personal use because there are several kinds of ring lights available with different features. Each model contains unique advantages that become the cause of confusion to select any one model. Here we are describing all those models that are highly demanding and have a good market value. 

According to your need, you can select one ring light that fulfills your requirements. Here is the complete description of best ring lights for cameras.


Neewer 18-inch 240 LEDsCheck Price
Neewer 14-inch240 LEDsCheck Price
Ubeesize light180 LEDsCheck Price
Auxiwa Ring Light36 LEDsCheck Price
Viltrox JY670N7 Adapter RingCheck Price
Diva Super Nova 5500K daylight bulbCheck Price
Neewer TableTop 120 LEDsCheck Price

Highly Recommended: Neewer Upgraded 18-inch LED Ring Light

Newer ring light available in different sizes and shapes. This 18 inch led ring light contains a good value due to its big size. For better quality, you should buy a large size ring light. Due to its large size, it contains several other accessories. You will find the following accessories with this ring light. 
  • Beautiful Adapter for mounting camera. 
  • One adjustable stand. 
  • Rotatable smartphone holder. (Ring light with phone holder
  • Power cable (the U.S and European) 
  • For color adjustment pair of filters. 
  • Bluetooth remote 
  • Carry Case. 


The output current of this ring light is 55W. you can also use dimmer for manual adjustment. This light is not fixed you can change the angle of lite according to your need. The stand of light can also be moved up and down as per your need. Bluetooth feature of this ring light is valuable. You can get the result of professional photography using Bluetooth feature. Video can be stopped and play using Bluetooth remote without the touch of your smartphone. 
If you are professional and need high-quality result you should buy 18-inch ring light. 

Ring Light for Smartphone: UBeesize Ring Light 

UBeesize ring light is the selection of those users who just want to use their smartphone with the best ring light and also for those who have a low budget. This ring light contains a simple stand along with a big clip that is used to attach this stand with any table or desk. 


The size of this stand is 14 inch that contains an adjustable smartphones holder. This holder is adjustable for any size of the device. The size of the ring light is 27 inch. Both the stand and ring light can be moving in any direction easily. During shooting, you can rotate the phone holder at any direction for a better image. 

For customers ease, this ring light can be powered on using a portable battery, Powered via USB from laptop and wall socket. UBeesize also has remote for adjusting the brightness level and color temperatures. You can use this professional ring light for shooting audio and video, for makeup and many other purposes. This low price best ring light for phone can be used for many other purposes. 

Best for a Portable Studio: Neewer LED Ring Light 14" 

Neewer LED ring light 14-inch model has the same features of Neewer 21 inch led ring light. The difference is the only size. It contains also color filters, Bluetooth and remote for adjustment. 
This ring light needs 36W and contains 180 LEDs.


This is the smaller version so its result is not equal to the upgraded version. Apart from its latest version the result of this ring light is valuable. Its brightness is most suitable in many different situations. Using dimmer user can adjust the brightness like its updated version of the ring light. Neewer ring lights are expensive but their features are valuable that cover its cost and make it more professional. Its Carry case is waterproof that cover it’s all accessories. Carry has a hot handle on the top for carrying it easily. These all extra features are not available in other cheap ring lights. 
The company provides the power supply with international standard that fulfills the requirements of American and European both because power supply handles the voltage from 100 to 240V. You can travel to any city and country, can use this power supply. 

Selfies Specialist: Auxiwa Clip-on Selfie Ring Light 

If you are not a professional, you need ring lights just for a selfie or you don’t want to spend extra money on ring light then Auxiwa clip-on selfie ring light is the best choice for you. There are several other companies that provide cheap ring light but Auxiwa is the best from them due to its features and quality. 
You can use this ring light clip with 36 LED on the top of the phone. This ring light clip is designed for front camera purpose but can also be used with a back camera of the smartphone. If you want to attach with the laptop you can attach. It can also be attached with desktop and other similar devices. If you are caring and don’t want scratches on your device then the company has provided a smart soft padded with this clip to avoid scratches, so stop worrying and feel free to attach ring light with any device. 
The battery of this ring light is non-removable. Battery timing is 8 hour that is enough for long working. A USB cable is provided to charge its battery. For brightness adjustment, you will find a button on the top for better result. 

Ring Light for Nikon DSLRs: VILTROX JY670N 

If you are using Nikon DSLR and you need better result then you should buy this ring light for your Nikon DSLR. There are several other options available for getting high-quality images but all are expensive this is the only best highly recommended idea that gives you a professional result in suitable price.


This is JY670N flash unit with cable and dual-LED setup. It can easily connect with the lens of the camera. You will also find 6 adapter rings ranging in size from 48 to 69mm. there is a very beautiful and attractive bag for putting all the accessories inside. There is one big feature of this light you can control the light of each LED separately. That can allow you to get a good result of your image. User can also enjoy the support of i-TTL. 
This is very professional and highly recommended ring light especially when you shooting HD images. This is the best choice of Nikon owners for a better result in suitable price. 

Best for Beauty Bloggers: Diva Super Nova 18" Ring Light


Ring lights are used for a different purpose. If you need professional ring light for any type of professional working then your way of selecting a ring light will be different. If you are only selfie maker then you have to buy a ring light that is designed for a selfie. If you require a ring light for YouTube video shooting, for your professional blog or you need for Instagram then you should buy ring light for video making. Actually, you are finding a ring light that brightness is accurate for shooting HD video. Diva Super Nova 18 inch ring light is the right option for you.
This ring light is demanding and best value in the market. Many bloggers are using Diva Super Nova 18 inch ring light for their blogs and you tubes videos. Its brightness is very high but you can reduce the brightness using dimmer. Diffusion cloth is also needed for softness that is available in this ring light. 
The stand of Diva supper ring light is professional and contain 6 legs that can be wider maximum without any difficulty. Other ring light stand cannot wider more like this stand. This special feature helps you to set the angle of the camera at a suitable position. We call this ring light professional because it’s all features are designed for professionals working. Mostly this ring light is used for studio purpose. Diva supernova 18 ring light is costly but its professional features cover its cost and allow you to work professionally. 

Ring Light for Tabletop: Neewer Tabletop 8-Inch Ring Light Kit 

If you don’t need professional and expensive ring light that is used for studio purpose or used for shooting videos for bloggers and you tubes then this tabletop 8-inch ring light can be the best option for you. It contains 120 LEDs and needs 24W current. This complete kit consists of mini-tripod, separate stand, smartphone holder, one hot mirror that can be mounted inside the light. 
The adjustment of the light is necessary; this light can be adjusted at 180 degrees. Its base is designed to keep it stable without any danger. The dimmer feature is also available in this ring light that can be used to adjust the brightness as per your need. This adjustment is done for different purpose like shooting videos or doing makeup etc. 
If you need ring light with a tripod then this ring light should be your choice.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Best Android Phones Under $300

July 23, 2019

I have been observing smartphone very closely because I am a fan of Smartphones. I always try to discover something different especially the best value smartphone that help other users for good results in low budget.

Actually, I am studying Engineering subjects and it’s very difficult for me to afford high price Smartphones. Mostly high price Android Phones contain rich features that make them more demanding in the market. But your little research and deep observation can save your budget, yes you can find the same features in many other low price Android Smartphones under 300 dollars. But you don’t need to explore the market and read articles on the internet here I will describe the best Android phones under 300 dollars.

Best Android phones under $300 

As you know the Smartphone industry moving very fast and the competition is very high. All companies try to provide maximum quality and features in their Android Smartphones. Every day you watch an advertisement for Xiamo, Oneplus, MotoG and other brands on different media. These companies provide affordable prices with maximum features that confuse you to select your desired Smartphone. 
High paying advertisement of these smartphones companies attracts the customers to buy their product. Maximum customers become confused when they watch these advertisements and also find the maximum rating of these products on the different online portal.

Buying Guide of best budget smart phone

Here I am providing you the solution of this problem that will help you and actually guide you to buy a smartphone under 300 dollars. Don’t spend your budget to buy expensive mobile phones here is the list of best value smartphones.

Huawei Mate SE ( Factory Unlocked )

best android phones under 300

Design and Build Quality

Huawei is a well-known company and this model of Huawei contain the features of expensive mobile especially its design and quality. Huawei tries best to provide high-quality design. Its look is very smart and gives you feel of expensive mobiles. Personally, I like its design.


Its screen contains enough size. User can play games; watch videos and make calls very easily because the screen size is standard that is 5.93 inches. The screen resolution of this mobile is 216 X 1090 that is best for watching HD videos. Its pixel quality is also standard not so cheap like other low price smartphones.


Mobile battery is the backbone of any Smartphone. Without a quality battery, there is no smartphone. The best feature of the Huawei Mate SE model is its quality battery. This model battery has 3340mAh that enough for watching videos and playing games without any breakup for a long time. Enjoy music and use GPS anywhere you need with no fear of power failure. Some Android devices provide the option of battery saver but in case of Huawei Mate SE, a user doesn’t need this feature.


Mobile Camera is the main feature of any Smartphone that attracts the user. The one big selling reason for Huawei Mate SE is its camera quality. User can enjoy 16MP + 2MP camera that is enough for a good result. 2MP camera is installed at the front and the 16MP camera is installed at back. This camera contains a portrait mode for portraits effects.

Day to Day Performance

Good performance is necessary for the quality of any Android Smartphone. And this performance quality can only be improved by Ram and processor. Huawei Mate SE has enough Ram and processor that gives you good result. Your mobile will never be stuck when you open applications together. Huawei Mate SE provide Octa-Core kirin 659 for quality performance that is enough best from Snapdragon 625.
Enjoy playing stunning games and general apps together without any fear. These features also depend on the user choices, for example, some user like a high-performance camera and they try to find the best android phone for camera in the market. Some users spend their time to play games and they find mobile which provides the best gaming results. If you are finding a Smartphone with enough features of best gaming then Kirin 659 is a smart choice for you. 
Conclusion: I have described the maximum features of Huawei Mate SE on the above explanation. You can buy it if it meat your requirements. The main key features are below.
Internal Memory64 GB
Ram4 GB
Android Version7.0
Sim TypeDual Sim
SD CardSupported
34Camera16MP X 2MP


  • 64 GB of internal storage.
  • Powerful octa-core processor.
  • Dual camera setup.
  • 2160 x 1090 pixels display. 
  • Comes loaded with Android 8.0 Oreo.


  • No USB Type-C.
  • Have no support for 5GHz Wifi.

Motorola G6

best budget smartphone

Motorola is a well-known brand and famous for its low budget products with rich features. Motorola is a big brand and has enough launched number of smartphones in the market. We will discuss the Motorola G6 model with detail. It’s not more than different from Motorola G5. This smartphone performance and low budget strategy attract the users to buy and got a good result in an open market.


Motorola G6 screen size is 5.7 inches. Mostly big brands were using the same screen size and users also like this size so Motorola decided to release a product with the same screen size. When we come to buy a large screen smartphone you also have observed the brightness and contrast is not perfect like small size smartphones.
Motorola did not use LED they use LCD in this model that not make this display more good and extra attractive. I personally think Motorola should have used LED instead of LED. Anyhow if we compare the price of this model with other Smartphone models than LCD is also suitable, due to low budget strategy.


Users always need good battery performance. They try to find Smartphones that contain extra battery life. Motorola G6 has a 300mAh battery that is enough for good performance. It will provide you the average result not will be your ideal thinking result but good in low budget mindset.


As you know performance depends on many features that people expect from any smartphone. We have to observe both the budget and features and then select the product. Motorola G6 features are good in low budget.

Its performance is good and makes it able to use for personal experience to perform daily task like Call, SMS, Gaming, and use of the camera. This phone is not best for Gaming because GPU is not updated. But we cannot find all high-level features in low budget smartphones. if gaming is not the main focus then you can buy this phone.

Build Quality

The design and attraction of this smartphone are stunning, you will feel good with the presence of this android mobile phone. Due to the low budget, there will be some flaws but it’s more attractive and handsome mobile. Mostly people prefer Gorilla Glass so it contains Gorilla Glass 3 on the back of the phone. This extra feature gives more attraction toward this handset.
Survey has proved maximum users like its design and features especially one advance feature that is USB-C connectivity and charging. Motorola always tries to provide all advanced features and beautiful design in a low budget that is the main key to success.
Motorola provides its products with the mind of low budget strategy. This company cares its users to use their products that are fully rich with advance features in low budget. It’s also true in low budget products the user cannot find all features. Users have to sacrifices and manage for some features like in this model its display is not better. But on the other hand, Motorola is providing excellent software features and a beautiful design that make it preferable.
Motorola G6 is also not good for gaming but you have to compromise due to the low budget product. If you cover up the whole scenario Motorola G6 is the best choice.


  • Stock Android 
  • Offers the best performance in its segment.
  • Its Battery life is amazing.
  • Camera quality is good, especially with decent lighting.


  • The display is not the “best” you can get in this price segment.
  • Will not get any future OS update, except the security patches.

Nokia 6.1


Nokia 6.1 is the last version of Nokia 6. Nokia has launched this product and earned a lot of money as well as the award under the title of “best budget phone of the year”.
You will find the several improvements in this version that equal it to other market android mobiles. Nokia did not use old technology in this smartphone; they tried to use some advanced and new features for grabbing the market and trust of the users.


Manufacturing companies try to reduce the cost of a budget phone by providing a low-quality display because they cut the price using low-quality accessories. Instead of this Nokia low budget product mobile did not practice this cheap strategy, especially in the display.
The display of Nokia 6.1 looks like high-quality Smartphones. Display size 5.5 inch with 1080p glossy screen that gives the beautiful result of your content. Nokia also uses the Gorilla Glass 3 that is one another big advantage of this budget phone. Overall the display of this smartphone is better and valuable. It does not remind that you are using the budget phone.


All manufacturing companies try to reduce the price by providing low-quality batteries. You will find everything well in the budget phone but battery result will become a problem to continue the use of a smartphone. Nokia is a well-known brand due to the good battery and display result of their product. Like other smartphones, Nokia also gives focus on this smartphone battery life that is enough for any user. You will find 3000mAh battery in this smartphone that can be used full day with fast charging option. Nokia use standard (USB-C) in this smartphone. The previous model was not rich with these features. Wireless charging can also be used but you know all advance feature is not possible in a budget smartphone.


Performance of Nokia 6.1 is good under the reason of 3GB Ram. 3GB Ram is enough for a good result. The user knows well Maximum Ram number give you maximum result. Nokia 6.1 also using an updated Android version that makes performance well of this budget smartphone.
If you use multiple apps and switch from one app to another app, also play HD game then definitely you will satisfy with the performance of this phone. Budget phone cannot cover all features and not possible to give you the result like a premium mobile. The camera result of Nokia 6.1 is not impressive. You have to bear the result of the camera if you are buying Nokia 6.1.

Build Quality

Nokia Company is well known about the best-built budget phone. Nokia always produces the highest built quality phones on the market and Nokia 6.1 is one of the best productions.

If you are finding a good performance and best build quality budget phone then Nokia 6.1 will be your choice from the entire market. There is one another advantage that Nokia play with good metal and stunning colors that make their product more appealing like Nokia 6.1. You will also find fingerprint at the backside of the phone that is good for user security.
Overall, if we carefully study all the features of this phone then it's not wrong Nokia 6.1 is the best budget phone. Instead of camera result, you will find everything like a premium smartphone. Nokia cover advance features that other manufacturing companies are missing.


  • It was Launched in 2018
  • You get to experience pure stock Android One
  • 300mAh battery that is enough for one full day without any issue.
  • You can take photos in low light environment.
  • An updated version of Android has used.
  • Support for USB Type-C.


  • Screen size should be large.
  • The inbuilt speaker does not load according to my experience.

Honor 6X Dual Camera


Each mobile phone in the market contains a different feature to grab maximum visitors. Honor 6X is stunning and have a great look. This phone is also a budget phone. Honor 6X got fame in the Chinese market due to its beautiful design and look.
For beautiful shape, everyone knows curves play a big role. This smartphone has smooth curves, also the slim body that is only 8.2mm. One more thing that makes it more impressive that is 2.5 D curved glass. Maximum features of this phone are the priority of youngsters.
Honor 6X contains a dual camera. The back camera is dual12MP and 2MP. This camera specification is enough for budget phones. Camera quality is truly good. For making pictures more beautiful there is some inbuilt application using that you can make a picture more attractive. The front camera is 8MP along with wide angles lens and a prime ISP. This budget phone contains a fingerprint scanner that is useful for unlocking your phone using a touch of your finger that make your device more secure.
Now we discuss some other features that we must read before buying any smartphone. Its display size is 5.5 inches 1080 full HD touchscreen. The Ram of this mobile is 3GB. The processor is 1.7GHz Octa-Core. This smartphone contains strong File system that is good for gaming, browsing and using other application at the same time without any issue. Maximum Internal Storage is one big advantage if we found it in the budget phone. Honor 6X contains 32GB internet memory that can be extended up to 128GB using an external memory card.
Now a days 4G LTE technology has introduced by different telecom companies. We can use this technology with supported devices. Honor 6X support 4G LTE and also supports dual SIM. A very important feature of any smartphone is a battery. Honor 6X battery size is 3340mAh that is enough for two days usage.


  • Strong battery timing
  • Admirable build quality.
  • Best Smartphone for playing games
  • Best Quality fingerprint sensor.


  • USB Type-C support is not available.
  • Front Camera quality is not so good.

BLU PURE XR Smartphone


This is a special review for those who want to buy an affordable and premium feature mobile at a reasonable price. BLU PURE XR smartphone is a well-known and best budget famous phone.
Premium user know about 3D touch screen feature, this feature is newly launched and only available in costly smartphones. BLU PURE XR contains this 3D touch screen feature. You will never find this feature in any other low budget smartphone. BLU XR contains maximum premium features, available at a low price.
A manufacturing company used aluminum in the body and give smooth and attractive shape to this model. Its overall design and look are very beautiful. The fingerprint scanner also used at bottom of this phone for securing your device. Its touch is very sensitive and outstanding. Sometime fingerprint sensor and touchscreen not available in good condition mean low quality. Its sensor and touch screen quality are admirable.
BLUE PURE XR display size is 5.5 inches. A very smart and attractive size, that is easy to use and carry. Its pixel density per inches is 400 and resolution is 1980 X1800. BLU PURE XR contains a smooth curve that gives you a very attractive feel. For safety purpose, they use Gorilla Glass 3. Best quality glass is necessary for any kind of scratches and damages.
If we talk about the performance then we have to check the processor, ram, and memory. BLU PURE XR contains an octa-core processor. There are several kinds of processor, in this model Media Tek Helio p10 has used that contains the feature to speed up the process at 2.0 GHz. its GPU also available in best quality that is Mali-T860. These strong features make the performance of this device more powerful. As early I have described this mobile contains premium features like its RAM is 4GB and external memory is 64GB. If you are a game lover then this device is suitable for you.
Camera quality is truly good and admirable. This model contains a 16MP camera with 6P lens. These kinds of cameras are mostly not available in many premium mobile phones. Autofocus feature is also used for increasing the quality of the picture that is used in this model also.
On the front, you will find an 8MP camera for taking a selfie. It will give you good result in the light like day time.
We should confirm nowadays our smartphone has 4G facility or not. 4G LTE is new technology and available in all premium phones. Its battery performance is also very good. it contains a 300mAh battery with quick charge facility. As per a company announcement you can get 1 hour talk time with 10 minutes charge.
If you are finding the best smartphone under $300 you can buy this without any more research. Because it contains maximum high feature and attractive design.


  • Fingerprint Sensor is fast.
  • The high-quality processor that gives you good performance.
  • 3D touch display that is available only in costly mobiles.
  • Build quality is very high.


  • Old android operating system used.
  • Battery capacity is only 300mAh.

Lenovo Phab 2


Lenovo Phab 2 is also included in budget phones. Any android lover who wants to buy mid-range android phone can select this phone. This model values your money and gives you good looking design and high build quality like other budget phones that we have described above. It is best for full day usage because of this best performance of the battery.
The display size of Lenovo Phab 2 is 6.4 inches with HD touchscreen. The large size of the screen with slim bezels makes it attractive. At front, you will find a fingerprint sensor with a beautiful placement also camera and speaker. Screen size is large but this device is still slim not thick. Its body is available in metal and the weight of this model is 225g. Mostly mobile which are available in the metal body contain extra weight but the weight of this model is affordable like premium quality mobiles.
Before buying we only not have to focus on design but also check its performance. Lenovo Phab 2 contains a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor. It has 3 GB Ram. High-quality processor and maximum number of Ram allow you to perform multiple tasks and play heavy games without any hanging problem. This model is also powered by 4G LTE, WIFI and Bluetooth 4.1 features. Its built-in memory space is 32GB that can be increased using the external Memory card.
Its camera quality is very good because this model also offers an LED flash with the camera. The primary camera is 13MP with a flashlight and the front camera is 5MP. Quick snap feature is also installed in this model for taking a photo when the phone is sleeping mode.
The operating system also plays a very important role in any smartphone especially for those who are feature lovers. Android 6.0 Marshmallow is used with some extra apps. Its battery size is large as compared to other budget phones that are 4050mAh. Its battery life is extra that can give you maximum talk time.
Dolby technology is used in Lenovo Phab 2. Multimedia lover can enjoy this technology in an immersive environment.


  • A very big advantage of this model is long-life battery 5100mAh.
  • Battery Saving mode for saving battery.
  • A big number of RAM for batter performance.
  • Full-metal unibody design with rounded corners.
  • Big display size.
  • 4G LTE supported.
  • Android 6.0 is used.
  • High-quality fingerprint sensor


  • Gorilla Glass is not used.
  • Fix battery is used that the user cannot replace.
  • SIM slot 2 is hybrid.
  • Not a smart little thick model due to a battery.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime


Samsung is a well-known brand that provides stunning and advances in technology mobile phones. Samsung Galaxy J7 prime is made by metal body also contain curved on its edge. Now a day Gorilla Glass is used in all premium smartphones, Galaxy J7 is also contained 2.5 Gorilla Glass display. The display size of J7 is 5.5 inches that are standard smartphone size.
Samsung Galaxy J7 is a powerful and premium device that is available at a low price and include in budget phones. Its style and look is very impressive and gives you the feel of a premium smartphone.
J series of Samsung bring a new turn in the market for Samsung. The display size of the Galaxy J7 is 5.5 inches with 1920 X 1080 TFT screen. This model is also containing Gorilla Glass 3. The use of higher quality glass can make difficult to see the app drawer. For solving this problem ambient light sensor is used. SIM and micro SD card slots available at beautiful placement.
Galaxy J7 contains a powerful processor and RAM. Exynos 7870 Octa-Core 1.6 processor has used in this model with 3GB Ram. The external memory of this model is 16GB that can be increased using up to 256 GB using an SD card. For providing a good security J7 provide a powerful fingerprint sensor. User can use dual SIM card in Galaxy J7. These SIM cards should be Nano and supporting technology is 4G LTE has used. Now we discuss the camera, it contains a 13MP camera with flashlight. The flashlight is also an advanced feature that makes your picture more clear and attractive. The front camera is 8MP that is good for getting pictures and videos. The battery capacity of this model is 3300mAh that give you full day result without pause. Samsung Galaxy J7 contains powerful Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE. Galaxy J7 provides some extra featured apps like S Planner, S Health, etc.


Its battery life is admirable.
Saving mode of battery makes it more selectable for buying.
Samsung is known for good looking design like Galaxy J7.
Display size is standard and easy to carry.


Camera performance is not like premium dev
Extra pre-loaded apps make performance slow.
A fingerprint sensor is not high quality.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Best Apple Phone to Buy

July 20, 2019
This is very difficult to decide which iPhone is best for buying. There are several iPhone variation like iPhone XS and XS Max, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone XR is available in the market. Each iPhone contains different features and storage capacity that make each phone unique to others. These features bring different question in your mind and confusion also if you are going to buy an iPhone. Our complete guide will tell you and teach you how you have to buy your iPhone.

Best iPhone to Buy? / Which iPhones to Buy?

First of all, you should make a plan of your requirements regarding iPhone like you need Face ID, you need maximum storage or you want high-quality is possible you are finding best cameras on iPhones, best iPhone to buy, new iPhone reviews or best apple phone. Follow the description of each mobile and select your desire iPhone that fulfills your requirements.


iPhone XSA12 BionicCheck Price
iPhone XRA12 BionicCheck Price
iPhone 8 PlusA11 BionicCheck Price
iPhone 8A11 BionicCheck Price
iPhone 7 PlusA10 FusionCheck Price
iPhone 7 A10 FusionCheck Price

iPhone XS and XS Max

best apple iphone to buy
iPhone XS


  • Screen quality: iPhone XS uses superior OLED technology in this phone that provides the high quality of the image. Screen size is very big that cover full phone edge to edge. This technology is not available in iPhone XR.
  • Best iPhone Size: This model has a large screen size as compared to other iPhone size. iPhone XS contains 5.8 inches screen and iPhone XS Max has 6.5 inches screen that is the maximum size of the iPhone.
  • Cool Edge: iPhone XS has a cool and beautiful edge. If you are edge lover than iPhone XS is the best choice for you. New technology OLED has used in this model. The high-quality camera and waterproofing feature available.
  • High-quality camera: High-quality camera is installed in both XS and XR series of iPhone. There is a difference in front and back camera quality. Wide-angle and telephone lenses make photo quality more efficient that is used in both XS and XR series. Sometimes we need to zoom the image for a perfect result. 10X digital zoom is available that provides a high quality of the image. Portrait lighting option also empowered in this model.
  • Face ID: fingerprint scanner is mostly used all premiums mobile for securing your device. iPhone XS and XR introduce Face ID for unlocking a device that is more secure from the fingerprint sensor.
  • Wireless Charging Facility: wireless charging makes your life easy now you don’t need to plug your phone with charger. Using a wireless charging system you can power your battery without plugin charger. This wireless charger is available with both XR and XS series.
  • Maximum storage: if you want to buy an iPhone with maximum storage than you are at right place. iPhone XS and XR contain 512 GB storage. This storage capacity is not available in any other iPhone model.
  • 3D Touch screen: 3D touch screen give you different result on variant kind of push like hard push on screen and light push on the screen respond differently. This advanced feature is only available in XS series not available in XR iPhones.
  • Latest processor: as you know the core performance of any mobile is dependent on the processor. iPhone XS has a new technology processor that is not used in the previous model. It contains A12 Bionic chip that is faster from other processors. Apple Watch and Air Pods compatible: Both Apple iPhone XS and XR are computable with Apple Air pods and Apple Watch.
  • Size: the size of the iPhone XS is bigger from the iPhone 8.


  • High price: it’s all features are premium and it was not possible to provide XS model in cheap price. Its price starts from $999 to $1499 that depends on the different storage like 64 GB, 512GB.

iPhone XR

the latest iphones
iPhone XR


  • Strong Battery: iPhone XR battery is powerful as compare to XS. It gives you extra battery hours that make this phone performance more batter. If you need an iPhone with extra battery timing than XR is the best choice. 
  • Manageable Price: The price of iPhone XR is less from XS. iPhone XR contains the maximum features of XS but its price is low from XS that is a better choice at a low price. 
  • Large Screen: iPhone XR screen size is 6.1 inch that covers edge to edge LCD. The screen size is attractive and good looking. But the XR model does not contain OLED and true tone features like XS model. 
  • Built-in iPhone high line features. There are some advanced features available in XS models like Face ID, wireless charger, advance high-quality processor and other advanced features. These all features are also available in the XR model the advantage is this the XR model is available in low price with the same XR features. 
  • Quality cameras: there is a big difference between the simple camera and the camera that contain telephoto, wide-angle lenses, and zoom features. These all extra camera features available in both XR and XS models that is a big advantage for photo lover users. XR camera contains high-quality features and users like this advance feature.


  • LCD screen: XR model screen is good but cannot compare with the XS model because the XS model contains OLED technology that is not available in XR iPhone. Without this technology, the screen brightness quality and color accuracy cannot manage like XS model.
  • Weight problem: iPhone XR body material is different from iPhone XS model that makes this model overweight. The difference is minor but the user mostly doesn’t like these kinds of practices.
  • Less storage: Memory is very important for all users for their daily activities on phones. XR model storage capacity is 256 GB that is enough for any normal user. For extra storage, you should select iPhone XS that contains 512 GB.
  • Lesser waterproofing: As we know the price of XR is low from XS so it’s some features are lower effective like waterproofing features.

iPhone 8 Plus

which iphone is best value for money
iPhone 8 Plus


  • Same like iPhone XR: iPhone 8 contains many features that are available in the XR model. If you study XR features you will find many features are the same available in iPhone 8 plus. The features that are not available in this model you will read at the cons section. 
  • Touch ID Feature: fingerprinting sensor is installed in iPhone 8 XR and XS models face id is available that is new technology and provide extra security to its valued users. 
  • Less expensive: the price of iPhone 8 plus is low from the XR model and easy to buy that will never put the burden on your wallet. iPhone 8 plus is cheaper $50 from XR that is not big saving. The price of the XS model is high from both XR and iPhone 8 Plus both.


  • Lack of Face ID: Face ID is new technology that is more secure from touch ID. This new technology is available in XR and XS models but not available in iPhone 8 Plus. 
  • Lesser screen: iPhone 8 plus contain lesser screen that gives high-quality result but new technology result is better from the lesser screen. The OLED technology is advanced technology that is available in XS model not installed in iPhone 8 Plus model. iPhone 8 screen also not edges to edge and the size is 5.8-inch screen. 
  • Thick and heavy: the size and weight of this model are larger from XS that not look more attractive. XS and XR more attractive and stunning from iPhone 8.

iPhone 8

best iphone model
iPhone 8


  • iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 same features: iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 contain the same features. iPhone 8 plus has 3D touch and wireless charging that are advance features but both new features are available in iPhone 8. All other features are the same as both models. 
  • Good screen: the screen size of iPhone 8 is 4.7 inches. This screen size is the best fit for many users and easy to carry. iPhone 8 plus screen size is very large also XR and XS contain a big screen. 
  • Smart Price: the cost of iPhone 8 is less from iPhone 8 Plus, XR and XS models with similar features of iPhone 8 plus.


  • Screen Size: Screen size of iPhone 8 is very small as compared to the iPhone 8 Plus and XR and XS models. If you want a large screen iPhone then this model is not suitable for you. The screen size of this model is 4.7 inches. 
  • Old Camera: iPhone 8 contain the old camera technology it does not include wide-angle and telephoto features. Wide-angle and telephoto are used for high-quality image these features available in XR and XS iPhones. 
  • Price: The price of iPhone 8 is higher from all previous iPhone models. 
  • No cutting-edge features: There are some new features available in iPhone XR and XS models like Face ID, OLED, and edge to edge screen. These new and advanced features are not available in iPhone 8.

iPhone 7 Plus

apple phone to buy
iPhone 7 Plus


  • Old iPhone: iPhone 7 plus include in the top-line product of Apple. But now many other new iPhones available in the market that make this phone old. It was considered the best performance and high-speed product of Apple. There are many advanced features has introduced that are not available now in this iPhone. 
  • Cheaper than the 8 Plus: if any user who love Apple product and want to buy cheap iPhone mobile with high performance then iPhone 7 plus is the best choice. Its price is low from iPhone 8, XR and XS models. 


  • Old Camera Technology: Camera quality is good and provides good result but this iPhone is not enriched with extra advance features like wide-angle etc. These new features make your image high quality. 
  • Processor performance: Same other features this feature is also studied here due to old technology because XR and XS models have the latest technology processor that makes performance better. 
  • Storage: its storage capacity does not support users who have maximum data to store in their mobile phones. The maximum storage capacity of this phone is only 128GB. Some models contain 32 GB and 64GB also. 
  • Wireless Charging: Wireless charging facility is not available in iPhone 7 plus this amazing feature available in XR and XS models.

iPhone 7 

best iphone for the money
iPhone 7


  • Best Apple phone: it was considered the best phone with high performance and technology. This product of Apple was high demanding and got maximum sales in the market due to its features and look. 
  • Latest technologies supported: there are many advanced features and introduce new features in every new product. Maximum latest features are available in iPhone 7 like 3D touch, Apple Watch, Retina ‘Display. 
  • Best price: iPhone 7 plus and iPhone price are almost the same.iPhone7 is the best Apple product with low price and high features. 
  • Manageable size: The size of the iPhone 7 is very attractive and standardize. You can easily carry and use this phone. The size of the iPhone 7 is 4.7 inches. 


  • Camera quality: Camera quality of iPhone 7 is low from iPhone 7 Plus and also does not contain many other advanced features that are available in XR and XS models. 
  • Storage Capacity: The storage capacity of iPhone 7 is low like iPhone 7 plus as compared to iPhone 8, XR and XS models. Its maximum storage is 128 GB. 
  • Processor performance: the performance of the processor is slow in front of the latest iPhone models. Old technology processor is installed in this phone. A new processor that is available in iPhone 8 and other models contain the latest processor. 

Deciding on Your Best Apple iPhone to buy 

After reading all the above article you are able to buy your desired product the product that you can afford and features that you can manage. 

Its depend on your budget if you can afford you should buy iPhone XR and XS models because both models contain advance features and latest iPhone technology that give you good performance and result. If your budget is low and you want to buy a low budget phone then you should select the iPhone 8 series that will give you maximum features at a low price. iPhone 7 will be your choice If you don’t want to spend more money.

The following table will help you in selecting the best iPhone model


FeaturesiPhone XRiPhone XS & XS MaxiPhone 8 & 8PlusiPhone 7 & 7Plus
Storage64 GB
128 GB
256 GB
64 GB
256 GB
512 GB
64 GB
256 GB
32 GB
128 GB
Screen Size6.15.8
Edge ScreenYesYesNoNo
3D Touch No YesYesYes
HDR Screen YesYesNoNo
Processor A12 Bionic A12 BionicA11 BionicA10 fusion
Networks Wifiw/MIMO,
LTE Advance,
Gigabit Class,
LTE Advance,
LTE Advance,
Support Yes YesNoNo
A-GPS Yes YesYesYes
OS IOS 12 IOS 12IOS 12IOS 12
Camera 2 Cameras
12 & 7 
2 Cameras
12(Double lense) & 7 
2 Cameras
12 & 7 
2 Cameras
12 & 7 
Wide-angle & Telephoto No YesTelephoto
Live Photo Yes YesYesYes
Portrait Mode Both Cameras Both CamerasBoth CamerasNo
Back Camera
Face Time Yes YesYesYes
Touch ID No No2nd Gen2nd Gen
Face ID Yes YesNoNo
SIRI Yes YesYesYes
Water and Dust Resistant IP67 rated IP68 ratedIP67 ratedIP67rated
HeadPhone Jack No NoNoNo
Weight 6.84 6.24
Size 5.94x2.98x0.33 5.65x2.79x0.30
Wireless Charging Yes YesYesNo
Color Blue
Space Gray
Spacy Gray
Jet Black
Rose Gold
Price Check Price Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price