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Monday, April 27, 2020

How to recharge Ufone card 

It is very easy to recharge the Ufone Balance. Just follow the below steps and load your Ufone card.
  1. Open your mobile dialer
  2. Dial *123* 14 digit card number #
  3. Congratulation your card has recharged successfully.

You can buy a Ufone card from any nearest store.

Recharge Ufone Balance Code in 2020

ufone recharge code
Ufone Recharge Code

Here you can find the easiest way of recharging the Ufone card. Using this method prepaid user can recharge their balance. The code of Ufone recharge is updated recently.
Using Ufone Scratch Card you can get the balance for making a call to your friends and family.

Ufone Internet Pacakges
Ufone Call Pacakges
Ufone SMS Packages

Ufone Recharge Balance Code 2020

The code is *123* card number #.

Card number is written on a scratch card that you can buy from the nearest shop very easily.

Terms and condition

  1. All prepaid and postpaid users can use this method of recharging the Ufone balance.
  2. There is no tax included in price
  3. Ufone will apply tax on the recharge of balance
  4. Ufone has the right to change the recharge code.
  5. All terms and conditions will apply to all customers.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

How to Share balance from Ufone to Ufone?

Ufone gives you the facility to share balance with your Ufone friends. Share balance from Ufone to Ufone, not a difficult process. Just follow few steps and share your Ufone balance with your friends. 

*828* Ufone Number * Amount #

Thursday, April 9, 2020

How to recharge zong card

Here you will find the recharge procedure of the Zong network. Zong Card Recharge is a very easy process. Just follow the below steps and recharge your Zong card.
1.    Open your phone dialer and dial  (*101* 14 digit zong card number#)
2.    Now you have done Zong Card Recharge Process.

how to load zong card
How to load Zong Card

Zong card recharge code /  How to load Zong Card

A very easy a simple method of Zong Card recharge. You can easily recharge Zong prepaid balance using the Zong Card that can buy from any nearest store.
After adding balance to your phone, you can easily share your balance to your friends and family.

Zong Recharge Balance Code 2020 / How to Zong Card Load

How Zong Card Recharge  *101*CardNumber#
just dial *101* zong card number and press # button for completing the recharge process of zong.

Zong Internet Packages

Zong SMS Packages

Zong Call Packages

Terms and Condition

       Any zong customers can use Zong card anyhow he is using prepaid and postpaid services.
 On each transaction, standard charges would be applied.
 Zong card recharge code can be changed anytime by Zong.
 All terms and conditions will apply to all customers.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Telenor prepaid and postpaid customers need to recharge their balance when they out of balance. Here you will find the way of Telenor card recharge code in 2019.

Telenor Card Load karnay ka Tareka

Telenor Card Load Code / How to Recharge Telenor Card

telenor card load code
Telenor Card Load Code

If you want to recharge your Telenor balance just follow me. Open your mobile dial-up and dial *555* (14 digits of your card) #. These 14 digits you can find on your Telenor card after scratching. 

Telenor Recharge Code

Sometimes you feel trouble to recharge your balance and you have no idea how you recharge your balance. in 2019 you can recharge the Telenor card using the following code in an easy way.  this method is very easy that can be used to recharge balance when you are out of balance. 

Telenor Card Load Code

*555* (14 digits of your card) #

Telenor user just has to dial *555* using dial-up and then insert the 14 digits that you will get from your Telenor card. Telenor cards are available in all mobile shops.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All prepaid and postpaid customers can use this service to recharge their balance.
  2. Users have to pay tax on each transaction. 
  3. Codes can be chang anytime by Telenor Company.
  4. All terms and conditions apply. 

Monday, September 16, 2019

Turn off Google notifications Android

Android users know they receive news notification regarding news headlines at notification bar regularly. News regarding other apps is also displayed here. But the regular and frequent news are displayed regarding Google News. Google News display recent news just for updating you. This news related to anything depend on Google what they want to notify you. Google news is not useful for all users. Some users like these news and some don’t want to see these Google News more. If you don’t want to see more these Google news on your notification bar. Here we will describe the procedure of disabling the Google news on your Android device. 

Disable Google News notifications on Android 

Turn off Google notifications Android
Turn off Google notifications Android

Before disabling Google news you must insure about the displaying news is Google news or some other notification you are receiving on your notification bar. This can be confirm by displaying news contain title that will assure you this is Google news or some other news. 
You have two right path using that you can disable Google News. First you can go to notification settings and second change in the behavior of Google News. There is one another way you can uninstall the application if you don’t want Google news on your android device. After uninstalling no Google news will appear on your notification bar. 

Method 1: Google News notification settings 

Turn off Google notifications Android
Turn off Google notifications Android

Go to Menu and open your Google New application. At the top right corner, you will find the profile icon just click on it. Go to setting and then click on the notification button. 
Here you will find a various option using that you can manage the notification. You just find the toggle button “get notification”. Turn off this toggle or do following setting depend on your need. 
You can change the notification frequency just by selecting low, standard or high any one that you want. Here are several other option are available that you can enable or disable depend on your need. If you find any interested option keep remain it enable and remaining leave on disable option. 

Second Method: Android notifications 

Turn off Google notifications Android
Turn off Google notifications Android

The Second way to get rid from Google news that appear on your notification bar is to manage the Android notification setting. 
For starting this process you just have to long press on notification. Here you will find the toggle button for that specific app.. You can turn off notification for a specific app or for all app. complete list of all app is available here with toggle button that allow you to enable or disable apps notifications. 


If you are using Google news app but don’t want to see the notifications. Then just follow the first method and disable the notification of Google news. You can use the Google app but will never receive any notification. 
On the other hand if you don’t need Google app or you don’t use Google news app then you don’t need to stop the notification just uninstall the application from your device and feel free from the extra burden of this app. 


A cookie is a piece of code that is stored in one small file. A cookie file contains the information of webpages that you use in your browsers. The benefit of the cookie file is you are free to login without typing login and password because Cookie file contains this information. Sometimes Cookies cause different problems and you need to delete the Cookies. Here we will describe how you can delete the cookies on your iPhone. 

 Clear Cookies on Your iPhone and Clear Browsing History

There are few steps using that you can delete the Cookies of Safari Web Browser on your personal iPhone. Web history and Cookies can be deleted at the same time. It is also possible you delete the Cookies of a specific website or Cookies of all websites. Sometimes you need to delete only Cookies or delete the only history of the browser. 

1. Go to setting of iPhone and navigate to setting option and choose Safari here. 

2. Now you have to click on the Clear History and Website Data. 

3. The process will start and you will ask again to confirm. Just click again on the Clear History and Data to confirm the process. It will delete all Cookies and history of the Safari browser. 
how to clear cookies on iPhone
how to clear cookies on iPhone

There are some important settings available in Safari browser setting using that you can block Cookies and site tracking. The option will be to “prevent Cross-site Tracking” and” Block All Cookies”. If you enable these options then you will face some problem with a website working. 

Clear only Cookies not deleting the web history. 

At the time of clearing Cookies, you don’t want to remove your web history. There are two parts of Cookies removing one is clear cookies of one website and second is clear the cookies of all websites. But when you will clear the cookies of all website then you have to log in all websites with typing user name and password. So you only delete the Cookies of those websites which are creating problems with you. 
  1. Go to iPhone setting and navigate to Safari. 
  2. Chose Advanced and tap on it. 
  3. When advance setting will open you will find the Website Data here. A complete list of all websites will open that contains the cookies information. Here you have the option to clear the cookies of all websites or clear the cookies of a selected website. 
    how to clear cookies on iPhone
  4. If you are ready to remove the cookies of all website then click on the Remove All Website Data. And then confirm by clicking on the Remove Now button. 
  5. If you want to remove the Cookies of a specific website then select that website because thousands of websites are listed here so it is difficult to find your specific website just go to the search bar and type the name of your website and select it for removing cookies. 
    how to clear cookies on iPhone
    how to clear cookies on iPhone

Clear Cookies in the Chrome App 

If you are using Chrome browser instead of Safari on your iPhone then you can remove the cookies using the following steps. 
  1. Open Chrome and Go to menu icon that will be available at the lower right corner of the iPhone screen. 
  2. Click on the setting and go to privacy. 
    how to clear cookies on iPhone
    how to clear cookies on iPhone
  3. Now you have to click on the Clear Browsing Data. 
  4. There are options available that you want to delete or not like Cookies, Site Data just check these option and click on the Clear browsing data. 
    how to clear cookies on iPhone
    how to clear cookies on iPhone
  5. The process will ask again to confirm that you want to delete browser data just tap on the Clear Browsing Data again. 
  6. Now your browser data has deleted successfully.
You can use your existing iCloud email address if you have bought an Android mobile.


iCloud mail account
iCloud mail account

If you were an old user of iPhone or iPad then definitely you have been using iCloud email address. Now your journey to Android device will require the Google Account. Some users want to use iCloud email account in their Android device. Following is the procedure to set up an iCloud email account to your Android phone. 

How to add an iCloud email address to Android 

All iCloud account enables the two-factor authentication by default. If you want to establish an iCloud account with your android device? The easiest way to create an app-specific password for your iCloud email account. 

Here we are going to describe the procedure of app-specific password. 
  1. Open your local browser into your PC. 
  2. Type applied.apple.com and press go. Give your Apple id and password. 
  3. Go to the security section and click on the Generate password button. 
  4. Here you have to give the name of the password like” Android Email” or any other that you want. 
  5. Now press create button. 
  6. Remember this password that you have created here. This password you will require in iCloud email account for your Android phone. 
iCloud mail account
iCloud mail account

How to add your iCloud email address to your Android phone 

  1. Go to setting of your Android phone. 
  2. In setting, you have to go down and find Account. 
  3. Click on the Account option at the bottom of the screen you will find Add account button. 
  4. It will give you the list you have to select the IMAP. 
    iCloud mail account
    iCloud mail account
  5. IMAP contain the Google logo beside it. 
  6. Here you have to provide your iCloud email address. 
  7. Hit next button. 
  8. Now it will ask the password. Put the password that you were generated last time on Apple website. 
  9. Click on the Next button. 
iCloud mail account
iCloud mail account

You have done almost. Your iCloud email account has become your Android id. Now you are able to access your iCloud inbox in the Gmail app due to above setting.