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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

For candidates, NTS results are as important and valuable as any other result. NTS stands for National Testing Service. The National Testing Service is a nationwide organization established in 2006 to conduct NTS tests for various purposes. Either for different jobs in different fields or for admission to different affiliated universities of Pakistan. In addition, the institute offers a number of NTS Commonwealth Scholarships and competitive examinations. In fact, it is a multipurpose institution and provides an easy perspective for the people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It has been working successfully for many years and providing maximum service to its customers.

In this age of modern technology, everyone can access their official site with just one click. The offices of this institution are situated in almost all the main cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, etc. You can download a job application form. Moreover, you can also check NTS roll number slips.

Types of Tests

National Aptitude Test
Graduate Assessment Test

National Aptitude Test

The purpose of the National Aptitude Test is to get admission in different universities (Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad (Quaid-e-Azam School of Management Sciences and School of Economics, Department of Pharmacy, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Fatima Jinnah Women's University) Pakistan, Rawalpindi) etc. Allows students to pass NTSNAT for admission in various departments

Graduate Assessment Test

In Graduate Assessment Test there is two kind of test. One is named Graduate Assessment Test general. While the other is name as Graduate Assessment Test Subject. The results of the GAT are valid for two years. If a student wants to take admission two years after passing the NTS GAT test. Then he/she should re-attend the GAT, and the previous result will not be valid for this admission.

Registration Process of NTS

The NTS registration process is very simple. Candidates must first get the NTS registration form. Information on how to fill out the slip and NTS form along with the fee. Details of the documents required for this purpose are available on its website. The following items will be used to complete the NTS application form.

∙ Copy of NIC (attested)

∙ Photographs (according to need) attested.

∙ Photocopies of result cards (attested).

∙ Experience letter according to the need of a job.

∙ The fee shall be deposit in any online branch of UBL, MCB, HBL, or ABL.

∙ There are three copies of the NTS challan form one is for bank record, the other is for the candidate and the third one is for NTS. The NTS copy shall be attached with the application form of NTS.

How To Download NTS Roll No Slip

  • The complete procedure is mention below to download the roll number slip of NTS.
  • The NTS roll number slip of the candidates will be sent to the postal address of the candidate which the applicant has given in his / her application.
  • Applicants can also download the NTS Roll No Slip from the official NTS website.
  • Candidates must have a NIC number to get an online roll no slip.
  • The applicant should enter his NIC number carefully to get his NTS slip.
  • Candidates have to enter his / her mobile number last 7 digits as passwords.

How to Check NTS Result

How To Check NTS Latest Results

NTS Result can be check in the following two ways.

The first is by roll number.
  1. A second way to check results is via cnic.

Friday, June 11, 2021

 When you feel lost and lonely, what do you do to make yourself happy? If you often feel stressed, unable to do well, and often think randomly, why not try the following 5 ways to make you happy instantly!


Your family will always give you support and spiritual comfort when you need help. Call your mother when you are unhappy, her voice can relieve your stress and increase good hormones. According to the experiment, a group of researchers put pressure on a group of girls, and then asked them to meet or call their mothers, and found that they all had the same results, and they were able to become happy and relieve stress.


Use 20 to 30 minutes to run, run, and exercise. In short, do things that can burn your muscles and make you too tired. Although it sounds unmotivated to do it, You can be ‌Best‌ ‌Entertainment‌ ‌Watch‌ ‌Free‌ ‌Movies‌ ‌or‌ ‌Web‌ ‌Series‌ ‌at‌ soap2day 4u or 123movies free 4 u intense exercise can really make you feel good, and you will feel fulfilled while doing it. Together with exercise, the Andorphine released by the brain will make you feel excited and relaxed.


This is the easiest way to be happy! First, imagine any two people in your mind,

and then hope to make the first person happy in your imagination, then imagine how happy they are, and then do the same thing to the second person, you will find that this can be done in just 10 seconds. Become happy. Because when you wish others and see them happy,

you will naturally be infected and feel happy.


According to a study of 4,700 people and 20 years, it was found that pistachios are infectious. Anyone who goes out with them will feel happy instantly, and

the level of happiness can increase by 15% in a short time. So when you feel lost, don't close yourself or hideaway, find a positive energy friend and go for a walk!


Many people think that meditation is the stuff of cultivators and monks. It seems meaningless to sit in a daze for dozens of minutes. But in fact, meditation is very popular in foreign countries. Meditation is a practice that focuses your attention on certain things. The

purpose is to increase the feeling of living in the present, to feel the present, and to make happiness last. More than 3000 studies have pointed out that meditation can bring many benefits such as becoming smarter, improving concentration, endurance, memory, etc. The video mentions one of the simple meditation methods, called square breathing, you might as well try:

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Free On-Net Minutes5000
Free Off-Net Minutes300
Free SMS 5000
Free MB5 GB (12Am to 9 Pm) 
Validity 6 Days
ChargesRS: 1

How to Subscribe Jazz Gujranwala Super Duper Offer

Status Sring*775*2#
Info String--

Detail of Jazz Gujranwala Super Duper Offer

Jazz Gujranwala Super Duper Offer gives to his valued customers 0 on-net minutes, 0 off-net minutes, and 5000 MBS,0 SMS.

Jazz Gujranwala Super Duper Offer 5 GB of data for one day. This offer is valid between (12am to 9Pm) You can subscribe and enjoy this offer.

Terms and Condition
  • you can check the remaining MBS to dial the status code which is given above.
  • This bundle will not re-subscribe automatically. 
  • Using the status code you can check your remaining MBS.
  • Extra usage of MBS Rs 1 will be charged on each extra MB.
  • This offer can be changed at any time. 
  • Without a subscription to data, you will be charged Rs 3.59/MB.
  • All terms and conditions will be applied.
  • Check balance *111# for RS 0.24.
  • This offer can be changed at any time. 
  • Service charges of 5% and an operational fee of 5% apply on recharge and 19.5% FED applies on usage in Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, and KPK
  • Unwanted and unethical (unreasonable) messages can be reported by texting the SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000 –PTA

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, and even Facebook are the platforms most people use to learn, discover new things, and have some fun with different types of videos. Maybe you like to follow a beauty influencer, watch a gamer, or just watch compilations of funny clips. One way or another, we use those websites daily.
As you can’t watch those videos offline without paying, you will need a tool, a Youtube video downloader application. Converting and downloading Youtube video apps have become a must-have for a great number of people nowadays. They can be used to extract music from a video or download an episode of a Youtube series to watch on your cellphone when your 5G/4G LTE data has run out.
Bellow, there is a selected list of the top 5 tools to download and convert videos that can help those who want to watch their videos without interruptions of buffering symbols.

1 – Snaptube

With a lot of amazing features, Snaptube is a must-have tool for most. You will be able to use the app to download videos and music from more than 50 different websites like TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Dailymotion. Snaptube is 100% safe to install and use on your phone. It doesn’t limit the number of downloads you can make. Watch and download an unlimited amount of MP3 and MP4 files.
Being an application that supports formats from 360p and 720p to 4k and 1080p HD, it allows its users to choose what is best for them. Snaptube also lets you create and manage your own playlists with customized video suggestions. It also has a night theme and many other features, like:
  1. Available in English and other languages
  2. Lightweight application to have on your cellphone.

2 – Vidmate APK

It’s easy to use and embraces a large number of websites. You can also download videos of high quality and save them to your phone. No rooting is needed to use Vidmate and it has a quick downloading speed. Convert unlimited files to MP4 and MP3!
It has a lot of great features, like:
  1. Download from Youtube. Facebook, Instagram, and more
  2. Compatible with Android
  3. Different Formats and Resolutions (4K, 1080p HD, etc.)

3 – Snappea

Snappea is also a great option to download and convert your videos from many websites like Youtube. With it, you can do batch downloads and have picture-in-picture mode. The application it’s only available for Android, but it has an online version for macOS and Windows users.
  1. No registration needed to use the app
  2. Inbuilt Browser
  3. Night Mode

4 – Baixaki

On this website, you can find many applications that can help you download and convert videos from Youtube or any other website. You can select to look for programs for Android, macOS, IOS, Linux, Win Phone, or Windows, choosing the best option for yourself.

Advantages of Baixaki: 

  1. A lot of different applications to choose from 
  2. Not difficult to use
  3. Has other types of programs, not only downloaders 

5 – Wondershare

Wondershare is a company that not only has programs designed to download and convert videos but also has pictures or video editors, graphic makers, and screen recorders for making videos. It has free trials, but to experience it completely you must buy the programs.
  1. Available for Mac and Windows
  2. Programs for editing and various tools for content creators
You don’t need to fit downloaders' applications into your budget when you can get great options for free. You can choose the one that will better suit you from the list above, having seen the pros and cons of each. Ready to easily stream videos offline?

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

What is a social media agency? This question has been on the minds of many leading online businesses, media houses, and advertisers. The Social Media Agency in Dubai was launched just recently to fill the void that exists between local and international companies that are looking for ways to get connected with their target audience. This new company helps companies market themselves to the right audience in the right way at the right time in the right place. One such reason for launching the social media agency in Dubai is because this emirate has opened its arms to foreign entities that carry capital, as well as, a skilled workforce. So, what are the benefits of hiring social media agencies in Dubai?

Branding - Every website traffic is essentially the indicator of the brand value. No matter how beautifully designed, and how many features a website has, without an effective social media content creation, it would be completely useless in attracting customers and establishing a brand value. Social media agencies in Dubai understand this concept very well, and hence, they have launched a plethora of services that help you get in touch with your target audience, brand your products or services, as well as, create a positive image about the company. Therefore, if you want to brand yourself in Dubai, there is no better option than to hire social media agencies in Dubai to do the job for you.

Brand Expanding - Now, if we talk about expanding the brand using social media, there are quite a few benefits that can be associated with this concept. The most important benefit is, you will be able to attract more visitors to your website through social media. This will lead to enhanced sales for your product or services, as well as, more visibility to the brand. As a result, you will be able to build a healthy relationship with your target audience, and as a result, you can get their trust, and gradually, you can make them grow to become loyal customers to your company.
Brand Building - Another major benefit of hiring social media management in Dubai is that it helps the brand to build their corporate identity, and they can use this identity to market the company effectively. The social media companies in Dubai have a team of professionals who know how to advertise the company effectively. So, you don't need to worry about building the brand identity of the company. They will do all the tasks for you.
Improved Search Engine Ranking - Another important benefit is that by hiring a social media agency in Dubai, you will be able to improve your search engine ranking. This is because social media optimization companies in Dubai are aware of the algorithms that search engines use to rank websites. So, they will be optimizing your website, on the basis of the requirements and keywords used by search engines. By outsourcing your social media management in Dubai, you can be assured that your company will be visible on the web and that your business will be reaching new heights in terms of business expansion and customer satisfaction.
Engagement - The final benefit that you can get by using social media optimization in Dubai is that it will help you in increasing your brand awareness. When you start interacting on these platforms, you will notice that there are thousands of followers. However, it is only after engaging with these followers that you will realize the power of these platforms. These followers will help you to share your information and insights with your target audience. Moreover, following up on these followers will ensure that you engage with them so that you can make them become true fans of your company.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Do you want to apply for the Punjab public service Commission Job but don’t know how? Don’t worry from here; you will get the complete details. Here we will tell you about a website that provides all related information for the PPSC jobs seekers. Thus, to get the full detail, read the article entirely and carefully not to miss any important points.

So, a website servicecommission.pk provides all the latest information regarding the PPSC website. Through this website, you can get the application method and all other related information regarding PPSC and other service commissions. You can trust the content because the website contains and gathers all the data from the authentic source/websites. The website’s purpose is to assist people/visitors who can’t find the latest news timely.

How to Apply For PPSC Jobs

Here is the whole way through which you can easily apply for the PPSC online jobs within the prescribed time.
  • First of all, candidates have to visit the PPSC website to download the challan form to deposit the fee.
  • They have to complete the application form and submit it by uploading all the necessary things or documents.
  • Here is a thing to remember that for the PPSC jobs, you can apply only through the official website. Other than that, there is no platform through which you can apply.
  • During the form, be authentic and provide your correct data; otherwise, you have to face drastic results.
  • Those candidates who want to apply for the PPSC jobs can’t be able to submit the application without depositing the fees.

However, these are some important points. To get the complete and detailed method/guidelines to apply for the Punjab Public Service Commission jobs, visit the link.

Hopefully, you will get the complete information regarding the apply method for PPSC jobs. However, you can also get the procedure to apply and results for all other commissions such as FPSC, BPSC, SPSC, AJKPSC, and KPPSC. Other than that, in case of any query, contact us. We will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Free On-Net Minutes8000
Free Off-Net Minutes600
Free SMS 10000
Free MB10GB +7GB Facebook
Validity --
ChargesRS: 0

How to Subscribe to Ufone Nayi SIM Double Package

Status Sring--
Info String*706#

Detail of Ufone Nayi SIM Double Offer

Ufone Nayi SIM Double Offer gives to his valued customer 8000 on-net minutes, 600 off-net minutes, and  10000 MBS+7GB FB, 10000 SMS. 

Note: Dial *141# and recharge card of rupees 999 and 599 and 570 and get double resources at the same price. 

Terms and Condition
  • Withholding tax will apply on every recharge.
  • Call setup charges will be applied.
  • Terms and conditions apply.
  • Federal duty will be applied according to the area.