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Monday, October 24, 2022

How To Track Android Phone From iPhone

You're attempting to trace your Android phone with your iPhone but are having no luck. You've tried several ways but don't know how to monitor them all. There are various successful techniques for locating Android phones using iPhone, such as Android "find my device" and "location sharing." Apart from that, we may utilize third-party programs to track Android phones, the most common of which is "mSpy" and Whatsapp.

How To Track Android Phone From iPhone

How To Track Android Phone From iPhone

These methods can be used for tracking or locating a missing phone. When we need to track our children's present position for safety reasons, these solutions can assist us. On the other hand, if we lose an Android phone, we can find it using an iPhone.
If you are still unsure about what I am saying, step-by-step instruction is provided below. All required procedures for tracking Android phones from iPhones are provided.
How to Track Android Phone from My Apple iPhone?

Method#1. Using Find My Device App

First, understand the app. The app used for tracking on iPhone is Find My iPhone. Android phones have a tracking software called Find my device. Both gadgets serve the same purpose and are available on their respective platform stores.
These applications are used for tracking; in this case, we utilized an iPhone to track an Android phone. We can conduct the same procedure through the web browser without using the app. Both Android and iOS are available via web browser without the need for an app.
If you understand the preceding part, then go to the procedures below to track the Android phone using an Apple iPhone.
      1. If you're using an iPhone, launch the iPhone Safari browser.
      2. When the browser opens, put the following URL into the address bar: google.com/android/find
      3. When you press enter, a page containing your login credentials will appear. You must enter your Android Google account login details here. For accurate results, enter the right information about your Android phone.
      4. Enter Gmail and your password, then hit enter.
      5. The "Find my Device" interface will show on the following screen.
      6. The information about your Android smartphone will be displayed here, including the phone's IMEI number, model name, battery level, network, signal strength, and, most importantly, your phone's position.
      7. On your iPhone, tap the location to be redirected to Google Maps. In rare circumstances, the current location of your Android smartphone appears when you tap on it.
      8. When you discover the location, use the direction button to draw a full path that will guide you to your Android phone.
The iPhone is the finest technique to track the Android phone. Other information, in addition to the location, is vital if our phone is stolen or misplaced.
We can ring our phones from the same interface and simply locate them when they ring around us. Other capabilities include the ability to erase our phone's personal info if it is misplaced.
Unfortunately, if your misplaced Android phone's location is deactivated, it will be difficult to trace or find the phone.

Method#2. Track Location Across Platforms Using a Chat App

Using messaging applications, we can track the position of our Android phone. Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Skype are examples of chat programs that may be used for this purpose. These applications allow users to share their present location, which aids in the location's discovery. The procedures below will assist you with tracking the phone using the chatting app.
      1. To begin, switch on the device's location.
      2. Next, pick the desired contact to share.
      3. Finally, select the settings that seem best to you.
      4. Finally, share the location.
Following we have described the way of location sharing using Whatsapp
      1. Turn on your device's location.
      2. Choose the contacts or groups with whom you wish to share the location.
      3. You may now customize your options.
      4. Finally, reveal the location.

Method#3. Using mSpy

mSpy is a well-known program that is extensively used for tracking phones, including iPhones. mSpy believes that it is the greatest choice for tracking friends or children. Not only can the whereabouts of your children be tracked, but so can their other activities. These actions include phone conversations, text messages, social media use, and browser search history. Parents may monitor and supervise their children's activities.
The mSpy app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones. The question now is how we can track the Android phone using the mSpy software on our iPhones.
The detailed process for monitoring any Android smartphone is provided below; please read it carefully and apply it.
      1. You must first create an account on mSpy.
      2. You launch your phone's browser.
      3. Visit mSpy.com and log in
      4. If you wish to monitor a specific location, follow the instructions.
When you launch this app, all of the steps are provided inside. Simply follow these instructions to discover your desired gadget as well as any information needed to monitor your child. This software is not accessible on the Google Play store, but it may be downloaded via a third-party website.

Method#4. Using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular program that allows users to talk and share documents with one another. This app is currently owned by Facebook. WhatsApp has a number of additional features that may be used for a variety of reasons. We can follow the position of the process using Whatsapp, which is given below. Start WhatsApp on the targeted smartphone (that is, the Android phone).

      1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and then navigate to the target number's conversation.
      2. Tap the paperclip symbol at the bottom of the screenwriting area. The pop-up window will appear with various important options.
      3. You must choose a location from the available options.
      4. Now, choose the current location and hit the proceed button.
      5. You can share your location for the next 8 hours using the location-sharing option.
This approach is time-limited; after 8 hours, location sharing will cease. If you don't need more than 8 hours, this approach is the best and easiest.

Method#5. Using Family Locator

is another method for tracking Android phones using iPhones. The Family Locator app is available on both iOS and Android devices.
The procedure is really simple; simply follow the steps below, and your Android phone will track it.
      1. First, download and install the Family Locator app on your Android phone.
      2. Open the Google PlayStore and begin the download and installation procedure.
      3. After installing, use the app and begin establishing an account.
      4. When finished, return to your iPhone and repeat the process to form the circle.
      5. Send the invocation code to any additional devices that have the same app installed.
      6. They will join the circle and be able to track the Android phone from their iPhone using an invitation code.

Method#6. Buddy Locator

is a website that allows you to track Android smartphones. You only need to know the Android phone's number and country. We may simply track the Android phone using this service's capability by following a few easy steps.
Features of Buddy Locator:
      1. With this online method, we can locate Android smartphones that are accessible in various regions.
      2. This system's precision is commendable.
      3. There is no need to pay for tracking because the entire system is free.
How to see a kid's Android phone location from our iPhone using the Buddy locator?
Buddy finder can assist you in locating your Android phone. To locate the phone using the Buddy locator, follow the instructions below.
      1. Launch the web browser on your iPhone.
      2. Type https://buddy-locator.com into the address bar and press enter.
      3. The website will open, and you will need to locate the call phone option on the right side of the screen.
      4. Now input the country and the number of Android phones you wish to track.
      5. Now, tap the button to find it on your phone.
      6. You have to wait a few minutes for the system to locate your selected cellphone. It will find your phone's location. When the search is complete, the current position of that device will be displayed on the map.
If you are concerned about your child's location or a family member arriving late at home, you may use several of the tools outlined above to monitor them. FamiSafe may also be used to track children and other desirable members. FamiSafe works nicely on the iPhone and allows you to track your children's current position. Not only can we track one feature, but we can also track their search history, call history, and text messages.