Wednesday, October 27, 2021

iOS vs Android: Which Is More Secure

iOS vs Android: Which Is More Secure?

From the tech news, it is known that in the past cybercriminals target laptops and other technology-based devices. But nowadays, their focus is on smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets. So, the people using the android and iOS devices want to know which one is more secure?

ios vs android

From the tech and research, smartphone users are increasing day by day. Also, they use multiple apps to connect themselves with the world such as banking apps, online purchasing such as online shopping, connecting with social media, etc. therefore, cybercriminals target the iOS and Android devices by attacking with their virus and malware.

Every coming day introduces a new technology for both android and iOS devices. But the common thing that should be done to secure your android and iOS devices is, to keep them safe from viruses and malware attacks.

If we only talk about the security and safety of android devices, there is no simple answer. Let’s have a look at different facts and figures about android and iOS technology.

iOS pros

some pros of iOS are the followings on which basis it is considered that iOS is more secure than Android devices.

·         the iOS operating system is considered the secure operating system than the android ones. The reason behind this is that their operating system is a closed operating system whose source code is secreted for the app developers as Apple didn’t reveal it. So, it becomes difficult for cybercriminals to hack the device as the users can change the code by themselves.    

·         iOS can automatically upgrade the system if a notification comes but most of the upgrades are related to the promoting of iOS devices.

·         iOS contains more stringent control that makes sure that any malicious app should not sneak into the iOS app store.  

iOS cons

some of the iOS devices cons are listed below that make it insecure.

·         The integrated development environment of android is considered better than iOS, so, it may be the reason to prefer android over iOS. 

Android pros

Some of the pros of android devices are the following on which it is considered that android devices are more secure than iOS ones.

·         Android devices show the notification of upgrade. These make the system more secure. So, you should upgrade the device to make it more secure and safe.

·         The hardware integration of the android devices makes sure that all the security features of the device are working correctly. It also helps to prevent unauthorized software access.

Android cons

Android devices cons that make it insecure are the following.

·         Android devices use open-source code that is accessible by the app developers. The hackers can find the code as the users owing the android devices can tinker with their devices that create vulnerability in the code of their phones.

Some common points should be remembered by the users using either android Device or iOS.

·       Both types of systems can be hacked through social attacks. In this type of attack, hackers obtain the user's information code through logging in and access to bank accounts, and also may hack all the personal data. So, it didn’t matter what type of device you are using as both devices are equally vulnerable to cybercriminals.

·         App and the data should be downloaded from the safe source also, remember while downloading the apps, viruses or malware should not come along with those data.


Choosing between Android and iOS, it is difficult to say that which one is more secure. Both of them have drawbacks and advantages. So, choose wisely according to your user requirements and follow all the necessary guides such as keeping the devices on automatically upgrades and updates.