Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How to Reset iPhone without Passcode and Computer

iPhone can be reset if you have forgotten your passcode. iCloud is the official apple store where an iPhone user can store their files on the server. iCloud is designed to make IOS devices in sync mode. If your passcode is not working, you can reset your iPhone without computer or passcode using iCloud. User can reset iPhone remotely using “find my iPhone” icloud feature.
unlock iPhone password
Find My iPhone 

Find my iPhone / iPhone passcode unlocker

This service was actually designed to find your iPhone if your iPhone, iPod or iPad has lost. Sometimes it is difficult to recover your iPhone easily then you can reset your lost iPhone or iPad. For making your data secure from any unauthorized person who has found your iPhone. Follow below instruction to unlock your iPhone. 

How to unlock any iPhone without the passcode / Unlock iPhone password

  1. Open your browser and type www.icloud.com and give your ID and password. 
  2. Now click on the Find iPhone tab and select it for locating your iPhone. 
  3. Now you have to click on the All Devices and then select the specific device that you want to reset. 
  4. Click the Erase button to erase the data of your iPhone. 
You can find these advantages only if your iPhone signed in with iCloud account and Find my iPhone enabled. If your iPhone is not connected with the network, you cannot reset it remotely.
how to unlock iPhone passcode
Unlock iPhone Passcode

How to Reset an iPhone without Passcode and iTunes. 

You want to reset or unlock your iPhone but you don’t have iCloud ID and password also you did not “Find my iPhone” is enabled in your iPhone then you don’t need to worry we have the solution of this problem. iMyFone Lock Wiper is used to reset or unlock your iPhone if you don’t have iCloud ID and password. This special tool is used to reset your all phone data and make your phone fresh like a new unboxing phone. You will never face any issue after using this tool. 

Advantage of LockWiper 

  1. You can reset your iPhone without passcode and iTunes. This tool is also useful if your “Find my iPhone” is enabled or not. 
  2. You can completely remove your previous iCloud account. Now you are able to sign in with your new iCloud iD. 
  3. You can easily remove second-hand iPhone with a 99 percent success rate. 
  4. Any kind of lock can be removed within a few minutes. as well your Face iD, touch ID and digit will also remove. 
  5. This tool helps us to access any kind of iPhone like a locked, disabled and broken screen. 

Steps to Factory Reset iPhone without Passcode 

You have to install “iMyFone LockWiper” into your system. Open this software and navigate to “Unlock Screen Passcode” tab. Just click on the start button.
unlock iphone password
Unlock iPhone Password

 Using USB cable you have to connect your iPhone with your system. 
 Now you need the firmware for your iPhone and download it also. After completing the process of downloading and installing click on the start to Extract.
unlock iphone password
Unlock iPhone Password

This is the last step just click on the button “start unlock” that will ask code you have to enter carefully “000000” and press the unlock button.
how to unlock a locked iphone
iPhone passcode unlocker

This whole process will reset your iPhone completely and bring your iPhone at zero position like a new unboxed phone.
unlocking iphone with passcode
iPhone unlocker

Why Reset iPhone without Passcode and Computer 

Now the question arises why we reset our iPhone. What are the reasons behind this whole process? According to our research and knowledge, there are ten main factors that make an iPhone user reset their iPhone without passcode or computer. 

  1. You have forgotten your passcode and your iPhone are locked. 
  2. You have entered a wrong passcode various times and your iPhone is disabled. PC is not available to use at that time. 
  3. You have lost your iPhone and not success to find it using Find my iPhone tool. 
  4. Some important files have lost during resetting your iPhone using PC and iTunes software. 
  5. You have recovered your theft iPhone but passcode has changed. Now you need to reset it. 
  6. Your passcode has changed by any third person like your friends and family members. 
  7. You got iPhone from your friend and it contains a passcode that you don’t know so you need reset process. 
  8. Your iPhone is not registered on your ID you have forgotten your passcode so you need reset or unlock iPhone. 
  9. If you are using iTunes software it will never allow you to reset your iPhone due to several limitations. 
  10. You are not remembering your passcode and you don’t want to use iTunes. 

In all above condition, you can use iMyFone Lockwiper to reset your iPhone. Below is the link of iMyFone Lockwiper is available to reset iPhone.

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